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Dec 13, 2007 11:12 AM

Need Good Suggestion Near Club Macanudo (63rd/Madison)


Looking for a good Italian (preferably old school or Southern Italian) or steak house in the general vicinty of 63rd and Madison.....can someone give me a couple of favorites.....I have heard about San Pietro and Il Curso--may not be in the immediate area...can I do better and closer? Thanks

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  1. For a steakhouse, The Post House is right there, on 63rd, b/t Madison & Park. We've only been there once and I can't say I loved it, but it has its fans.

    1. Gino's on Lexington and 61st is that old school type of italian you're looking for. The place hasn't changed - EVER.

      1. First, I agree on the Post House: OK, but typical Alan Stillman restaurant. Next, If you are willing to break the 70th street barrier, you might consider Lusardi's. Northern I, but v good. Mrs. Lusardi (reportedly) comes in every day to check out the pasta. Can be inexpensive but also just the opposite. You actually don't need the menu; just tell them what you want and marry the wine with the food and relax (until the bill comes).

        1. Bottega del Vino is at 59th just east of 5th Avenue - I quite like the food there, both in front and in the dining room.