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Dec 13, 2007 11:03 AM

Trendy Dinner near Rockefeller Center

I've posted a few times about my upcoming trip to NYC. We will be in town from Friday, December 28th - Tuesday, January 1st. We have reservations for Friday night at The Stanton Social and for Saturday night at Per Se. Now I'm working on Sunday night. After the overload of food on at Per Se the night before, I don't want to go anywhere really heavy on food - probably light appetizers/small plates or sushi would work great. We plan to go ice skating at Rockefeller Center on Sunday night early evening, so preferably I'd like to go to dinner somewhere in the area. We'd like something a bit trendy with a good "scene" (is there such a thing on a Sunday night?) but don't want to venture back to the Meatpacking District and that area as we are staying on the Upper East Side. Is there such a restaurant near Rockefeller Center? Would Tao be a good option? Thanks for any suggestions you can give me!

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  1. If Graz is open, it fits your bill. Not a fan of Tao, but Nobu has a West 57th Street offering. You could also go to Bar American.

    1. Check out Brasserie 44 in The Royalton Hotel

        1. How about Crave Ceviche on 2nd between 50th and 51st? You can hit it on your way to/from Rockefeller Center.

          1. Pop Burger Midtown (58th & 5th) has only been open for about 20 minutes, so it probably won't be out of style by the time you get there. No idea whether it will be scene-y on Sunday, but worth considering.