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Dec 13, 2007 11:02 AM

Christmas Dinner in Montreal

My partner and I will be in Montreal Dec. 21-27. We are from New Orleans and are looking forward to some great food, as well as Ron's first glimpse of SNOW (Yes it is true). Staying at the Fairmont, I have gotten some great tips on this board for several meals but am still looking for something for Christmas day. I have received some menus from the Fairmont, but am very wary of most hotel food with the exception of a quick breakfast fix. Any suggestions? It doesn't need to be a huge blow-out, in fact I know that many places will be understaffed and overworked so would like to keep it rather modest. Being in the business I am more interested in quality food and service rather than the "scene". Any help would be most appreciated. Looking forward to APDC, l'express, lemec, etc. Any other suggestions for small, off-the "A" list restos would be great. Thanks!

Rio Mar Restaurant
800 South Peters, New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. A l'Os and it's sister restos ( Les Infideles and O'Thym ) all seem to have Christmas menus up on their sites. They are all pretty good BYOW places in my experience.

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      bad news ... those are just holiday menus but none of them are open on the 24th or 25th ... :( .... we'll all be hungry together

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        you might want to check out this other Xmas eating thread for other ideas:

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      1. OMG! Can you make real seafood paella and bring me some? It would make my Christmas!

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          LOL Calla we just got a HUGE paella pan is nearly 4' across! Makes enough for 80 people. WE have a party for 50 tonight as it's maiden voyage.

          1. re: Riomarguy

            I'm SOOOO JEALOUS! My mouth is watering just thinking about it....!

        2. This is getting some talk on the Montreal boards, you'll have to check to see they're open for Christmas. Either way, worth a look...I plan on making over there some time soon.