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DAL - Scene Restaurant Downtown

AussieGirl Dec 13, 2007 10:56 AM

I've seen people in there this week. Anyone been? The crowds were spilling onto the sidewalks on their soft opening night.

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    simplesimon76 RE: AussieGirl Dec 13, 2007 12:20 PM

    I was just looking it up online today... It's on our "to do". The tasting menu looks great! It's close to Stephen Pyles, is it not?

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      simply_victoria RE: AussieGirl Dec 13, 2007 01:37 PM

      We got an invite to the opening due to being on some list for Fuse. We saw the crowds and left though. I would like to know if anyone has thoughts as well.

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        Analisas mom RE: AussieGirl Dec 14, 2007 02:48 PM

        Had some friends rthat went for the opening and said it was fantastic.

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          AussieGirl RE: Analisas mom Dec 15, 2007 07:16 PM

          My neighbors just went for dinner. THey said the lamb loin was just fab and so was the tenderloin. their only complaint was that drinks were a bit expensive. $12 for a Stoli and tonic... But then again they also said that it seemed that Scene was aiming to be a more high end restaurant like Stephen Pyles.

          they also said that the decor was really nice and you felt like you were somewhere else.. not in a restaurant outside a Dart station.

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            Worzel Gummidge RE: AussieGirl Dec 15, 2007 09:15 PM

            $12 for a Vodka and tonic! Vodka is SO 1999. They'll never sell any.

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