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Dec 13, 2007 10:51 AM

Detroit Lunch Rec; ~ $30 pp

I am looking for a Detroit lunch rec for tomorrow, somewhat higher end, around $30 per person. Some of the considerations so far are:

Carl's Chop House - I have heard this has been hit or miss the last couple of years
Wolfgang Puck's place at MGM - anyone know what the lunch prices are?
Slow's - somewhat less expensive but that just leaves more room for their excellent Bourbon and Beer selection
Traffic Jam and Snug - ?
The other MGM restaurants - ?


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  1. I think Tribute still has a price fixe lunch, $20 for two courses, or a la carte... I've heard it's nice.

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    1. re: cherie

      Yes, Tribute does have the $20 ($27 with desert) prix fixe. I was just there last Friday, and the food is excellent.
      However, I had several issues with the service:
      1. Wine Service
      We ordered a half bottle of an Italien wine. The waiter carried it quite carelessly, and when poured, our glasses were full of sediment. Proper wine service would have minimized the sediment.
      2. Cleanliness
      I witnessed a busboy clear our table, and upon seeing that my knife was apparantly not used, put it into the "clean" bin for future use.
      3. Plating
      My shortrib /mashed potatoes came on a plate that was so cold that the mashed potatoes were lukewarm upon reaching the table.
      4. Communication
      At the table next to us, a man made a special request. The waiter said no problem. 5 minutes later, the manager came to the table and notified the man that the chef had "refused the request" and he needed to make another selection.

      For $20 prixfixe - I guess I can't expect everything, but if this service is typical of the dinner service (with the much higher prices), Tribute has some major issues.

      Sorry for the thread drift / rant. YMMV

      1. re: Markcron

        Well, the wine, silverware, and plating issues are quite fair to bring up, even (or especially) while you're there.

        The special request I can see being above-and-beyond the call of duty in many cases, depending upon what the request actually was, how busy they were, and whether the customer was believing that said special request would be done at no extra charge. True: the server should have been able to say something at the outset, but hearing that the chef "refused the request" isn't necessarily something that is out of place...some patrons can be overtaxing in their demands, and as such, must be told that certain things just aren't feasible.

        Glad to hear that the food is great, though.

    2. If you're not married to having the lunch within the Detroit city limits, Diamond Jim Brady's in Novi would fit the bill in spades for that price. You'd be *very* impressed, I'd say.

      Now, if you've got to stay in Detroit, though, your ideas sound pretty good to me...

      1. Might also try the Woodward downtown. I was in there again last night for drinks. I've found it upscale but nicely unpretentious. The entrees are $15-$20, but with appetizers and drinks you'd be right in the $30 range.

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        1. re: Jim M

          the woodward is a great place. also worthy of consideration downtown: mosaic in greektown, seldom blues in the ren cen. opus one on larned, mario's on second ave, traffic jam on canfield & second, roma cafe in eastern market.

          i have not been to carl's chop house in years. anyone been there recently?

          not sure if bourbon steak or saltwater are open for lunch. several people i know have been to each and have said the same thing: excellent food but way too over the top prices. have not heard anything about puck's place or if it is open for lunch.

        2. We ended up at Wolfgang Puck's and it was ok. The service was excellent, decor was slick, and the food was good, but not stellar, especially for the price ($50 pp incl tax and tip, no alcohol, 3 apps, 5 entree's, 3 desserts). I had the ginger crusted Salmon which was apparently missing the ginger. Of all the dishes we had at our table I think the goulash was the best. Of the deserts, chocolate layer cake, bannana toffee, and lemon curd crepe, the crepe was the best Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely be using this thread for reference.