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Nov 10, 1999 12:40 AM

LAX Cuisine

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Aside from Encounter, are there any good food options at LAX? I'm particularly interested in places that prepare take-out food, to carry on the plane.

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  1. Actual good food is not a possibility, even--especially!--at Encounter, but the various Puck Pizzas are acceptable, and the noodle place in Terminal 3 (I think) has okay udon. Why not stop on the way to LAX, for fried chicken at Aunt Kizzy's in the Marina, say, or the phenomonal tandoori meats at A-Watan in Lawndale?

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      There's a Trader Joes 5 min N of the airport on Sepulveda (between Manchester and La Tijera) in Westchester.
      You'll end up needing an extra suitcase-Huge selection.
      Take a cab