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Ideas for Christmas Dessert

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Here is the menu:

Roasted pork shoulder (tbd on the recipe)
Potato-celery root gratin
Green beans with shallots

I was thinking a panetonne bread pudding, but as breakfast/brunch will include a strata it might just be too much bread and perhaps it should be something lighter. Just thought of maybe chocolate pots?

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  1. Trifle
    Plum Pudding
    Mince Pie and/or Apple Pie and ice cream
    Gingerbread with lemon sauce

    Here's a link to lucious Christmas Desserts. I Love This Site!

    1. Crepes are nice and wintry. . I think your menu could end on a nice light dessert based around some sort of citrus fruit so a nice lemon tart may also be good. I heard the Suzanne Goin lemon tart is good.

      1. Ina Garten has a lovely orange/chocolate bundt cake. I believe her recipe calls for mini bundts, but I bake one large one. The flavor is wonderful and citrus is a very festive Christmas flavor. In fact, if you chose a pork shoulder rub with some citrus, it would tie in beautifully. Maybe an orange and fennel salad?

        Anyway, it's on the Food Network site.

        1. My at-least-once-during-the-holidays dessert is the Roasted Pear and Amaretto Trifle from epicurious.com. Oh my goodness, what's my favorite part? The delicious roasted pears? The amaretto custard? The crumbled amaretti cookies that add a bit of crunch? The mountain of whipped cream? Oh, and it just all goes together so well. AND you can make it ahead AND it's oddly satisfying to pile the layers togethers.

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              Oh yes! Ina's Baba au Rhum is so wonderful - but have faith when making it, and just trust her. It may seem like there's a ton of liquid to pour, but it'll all find a place, and it won't be soggy.

            2. As she grew older, and derferred the main dishes to my mother, Gram maintained domain over the gravy and the dessert. She always made Trifle according ot her middle-class British upbringing, c. 1900. Slices of stale vanilla cake were sprinkled with imitation rum flavor and spread with strained homemade raspberry (rahz-bree) jam, which was then layered at least twice with Bird's stirred vanilla custard and fresh lightly sweetened whipped heavy cream. Topped off with toasted slivered almonds stuck point-down in the top layer of whipped cream, with a glaceed cherry in the middle.

              Glorious scoops were served in small bowls, with tea. MUCH better the next day.

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                We made a WONDERFUL trifle last year to honor a British-isles visitor. Used fresh berries and banana, good quality sherry mixed with raspberry jam soaking (real) toasted pound cake, amaretto crumbs, an excellent rich pastry cream and of course that fresh whipped cream at the time of serving. Made an enormous difference to improve the quality of ingredients - this was also better the next day after flavors had time to merge. And, its easy to make and a lot of fun to assemble..

              2. This weekend, for a pre-xmas dinner, I am making Giada's Espresso Panna Cotta. I thought that it might be a tad too heavy after the dinner we are having so I am serving them in small espresso cups, and supplimenting it with pannetone, christmas cookies, and my mom's homemade torrone. :)

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                  icey, that sounds just lovely. Must be by a fire to complete the setting.

                  This year for dessert, I'm tackling a Coconut crusted Marscapone White Chocolate Cheesecake with Bananas Foster Sauce. It was a recipe that another hound had experienced at a restaurant - she then started a topic to help recreate this devine dessert. I think we've got it, and it will definitely be on my table.

                2. Each year my friend who comes to our home for Christmas Dinner makes the dessert from the Dec cover of Bon Appetit magazine. It has become a wonderful and looked forward to tradition for us. This year it will be a White Chocolate Pear Triffle.