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Dec 13, 2007 10:30 AM

Best Agua Fresca in San Diego?

I have been craving good fresh agua fresca (particularly watermelon) in San Diego. I usually go to a place in San Juan Capistrano, but when my cravings get going, it's not reasonable to drive all the way up there to get it. I'm sure living in San Diego, around such great mexican places, there has to be a good agua fresca place I just don't know about. All recommendations will be greatly appreciated and visited!!

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  1. there's a place on 30th street about 2 blocks south of adams that looks promising, but i've never been. the agua frescas at the hillcrest farmers market on sundays are always great and fresh. one lady had a watermelon/raspberry in the summertime that wass out of this world, but it might have been seasonal. definitely worth a stop though.

    1. Inside the Gonzalez Market.

      Take 805 south to 43rd Street exit. It only goes one way. When you get to the light the market is right in front of you. Go in the left door when you are in the parking lot looking at the building. The hot food stands and aguas frescas are along that wall. They had melon (canaloupe) and watermelon and about 6 others. The lemon with chia seeds was interesting.

      They open at 7 a.m. and have breakfasts in the stem tray. I like the pozole and just the nopales scrambled eggs or those in a burrito. Heck, I haven't had anything bad there.

      1. If you like horchata - I have found the sesame based, morro seed tinged Salvadorena water the best. I cannot speak for the Sal restaurants in SD as I have not tried their Horchata there.

        There is one restaurant on Imperial:

        And one just down from Super Cocina on University:

        And in Escondido, the appropriately named, Worlds best Pizza:
        They have grenadilla a passion fruit water too.

        El Tigre Market may be worth checking out too:

        1. Baja Lobster at 1060 Broadway in Chula Vista has authentic Horchata, Jamaica and Tamarindo Aguas Frescas. (They have great Lobster there and their machaca is great, too)

          Maria's taco stand at the Sunday Hillcrest Farmer's market usually has a good variety and she will also make up her own concoctions based on her mood that day. Don't forget to try one of her carne asada tacos!