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Local Duck Purveyors?

I'm having no luck with Google or the search function on Chow (that's not saying much though, I never have luck with that). I'm looking for a local purveyor of duck. I'm making cassoulet and need legs to confit as well as maybe some duck sausage. Any suggestions?

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  1. I had some luck with the site's search engine:



    Neither thread mentions duck sausage, however.

    1. The HEB on Parmer & I-35 has had whole frozen duck in the past. I've bought this there three times in as many years, but I can't remember if it's in the frozen foods section or the frozen meats case.
      Since it's the holiday season, I'd be suprised if you couldn't find duck at Central Market or Whole Foods.
      I have never seen duck sausage.

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        I've seen duck confit in the deli/pre-made foods section of CM. I was considering purchasing it to make my own cassoulet on an especially chilly day.

      2. I even saw Turducken at Central Market last week

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          Thanks, but I'm looking specifically for locally raised duck.

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            Locally raised ducks is a pretty tall order. Is there any duck raised in Texas? Or outside of Long Island/California?

            If you do decide to go with the Long Island, they are always available at Fiesta, and most of the HEBs I've been to (always at the E. Riverside; the rest may vary).

        2. I checked the Austin Farmer's Market page and there is one vendor, Countryside Farm Products, that mentions duck.


          1. Central Market has tubs of duck fat for the confit; didn't notice if they had actual duck, but it seems likely.

            1. Oh, you meant that you were looking for duck that's been raised at local bird farms. "Local purveyors of duck" means local suppliers or sellers of duck. You've gotten a lot of good answers to the question asked in your OP. Apparently, they do not address your real needs, but I'm sure all these responses will be useful to other 'hounds in the future.

              As for your new question: I seem to recall that Texas Quail Farms, based in Lockhart, also raises and sells duck. You'd need to call them to check on this. Their quail is excellent, by the way. One other possibility is a bird farm in Blanco that, many years ago, used to provide duck to Hudson's on the Bend. That's all the information I have on them, but a simple search of a phone directory would clear up the mystery.

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                I always buy from CM, but sometimes Cooper's can get a hold of superior meats and poultry. Also, not locally raised, but one place people should be aware of is M&T Market, North Lamar and Parmer? In any case, its about a mile north of Lamar and Rundberg, and has an amazing array of meat, produce and poultry.

              2. Sorry for the mis-wording on that original question. I went to the farmer's market downtown on Saturday and met Sebastian Bonneu of Countryside Farm Products. He didn't have any duck with him yesterday, but I'm giving him a call this week and he is going to get me what I need. He's a really nice guy and seems to have some lovely product. I bought a pheasant from him which I plan to cook tomorrow night. We'll see if it tastes as good as it looks.

                And thanks for the heads up about the duck fat at CM. It's nice to find that I can find everything I need locally for this dish, I think it makes it closer to the original purpose of the recipe that way and I'm excited to try it.

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                  Are you using any particular recipe? If so, I'd love to hear how it turns out for you.

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                    foodiegal71- we hope you do report on the recipe, but please do so on the Home Cooking board, where duck-loving home cooks will benefit from the info. Thanks!