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Dec 13, 2007 10:16 AM

Love Ruth's Chris- Phoenix/Scottsdale

Going out for our anniversary this weekend, our normal go to is Ruth's Chris for a big ole steak, and are always pleased, but looking to try a different place for the same steak experience... is there another steakplace that compares to Ruth's Chris? My hubby loves a well prepared fish also. But I really love Filet!

Any suggestions?


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  1. What city are you talking about?

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    1. re: RobynS

      Sorry, talking about the Phoenix, Scottsdale area.

    2. I have been to Ruth's Chris all across the country during my travels, i personally enjoy them......I have not made it to Scottsdale yet, but if I ever do, the restaurant I want to try first is The Roaring Fork. Everything I have ever seen, read or heard about the place intrigues me. fine dining, but unpretentious.

      1. Haven't been to Ruth's Chris myself...but while we're not really big steak eaters we really love Durants and try to find excuses to go there.

        We've also had a really great meal at Maestro's. I've only had the fish there myself but it was really excellent. My husband was really pleased with his steak.

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          I also love Ruth's Chris but have enjoyed Maestro's and Flemings as well. The quality of the food at Donovan's is great I find the ambiance somewhat stuffy. But my husband said he had the best steak ever there, on their nightly specials

          1. re: travelchow

            In my opinion, Mastros is the best steak in town. I think Ruth's Chris is great but Mastro's is in another league altogether.

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              I think Mastro's is a very good steak, and they pour fine cocktails, but it would not be my choice for an anniversary dinner. I'm not sure what their options are for more private dining areas, but the few times I've been, it is always very loud and not conducive to good conversation. If they have a more private area, however, it's definitely worth consideration.

              1. re: azhotdish

                Mastro's does have a couple of quieter alcoves but they would have to be specifically requested or they might command a minimum. They cater very well to celebrities -- you can be seen there, or not be seen, as you prefer.

                Mastro's would be my pick for someone who prefers Ruth's Chris. Arguably, Durant's does as well with a filet and the cocktails. They're both special places; hard to go wrong.

        2. You can't go wrong with Mastro's. Just be sure to call for reservations TODAY. This time of year is huge for them.

          1. How about the Rokerij? Perfect atmosphere for an anniversary, IMHO.