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Dec 13, 2007 10:13 AM

Masala Art in Needham

I live in Needham and have tried Masala Art a few times. It seems like I've heard mostly positive things about it (on this site and elsewhere), but I've never been bowled over by it. Maybe it's the particular dishes I've ordered (one being Chicken Tikka Masala, which I didn't really care for there, but is usually a dish I love). What dishes do people really like there? I love Indian food and it would be nice if I could find some really good dishes there.

Also, how is India Paradise in Newon Center? Does anyone have any opinions of it?


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  1. I'm a fellow Needhamite, and rarely go to Masala Art...haven't been in ages. And I love Indian food! It's decent but pricey, and we've had service issues more than once. I have only been to India Paradise for lunch, but it was quite nice, a low-key place. Our favorite place to go is actually Himalayan Bistro in West Roxbury [] right on Centre St. Only takes maybe 15 mins to get there and we love the food, with added bonus of having both Indian and Nepali food to choose from. You might think about checking it out. They even take reservations.

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      I second Himalayan Bistro. I live in Chestnut Hill so it is convenient and the food has always been errific.

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        3rd on the Bistro - Their prix fixe dinner for two specials easily feed two adults and our two small kids, who love Indian food at the age of 4 and 2!
        To be fair, we have not loved the Nepali dishes we have tried, but the Indian menu is far larger than the Nepali one, so choices are never limited for us, and every now and again, we venture back onto the Nepali side, since we know the quality of the food is good, and we are willing to try new things.

        Re: Masala Art - we have had 2-3 good meals there, but the dishes are less condusive to family style eating, which is one of the pleasures of many Asian cuisines. I've had a few good drinks at the bar, but beware, even a simple drink will run you 8-10$.

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          I have never ordered off the menu at Masala Art, but I love the lunch buffet. They always have a good variety of dishes, and they let you do "take out" for the same $10 price. To me, the take out is the biggest value, because they give you boxes and containers that would fit 3 or more meals, depending on how much you eat in one sitting.

          1. re: DoggieMama

            we had a similar experience with the take out at Masala Art - get more food with take out than eat-in! We like Masala, but it is VERY expensive...and only go when we just can't travel. We've never had a bad meal, its just expensive compared to places we used to go to in Waltham or Brookline. Our friends in Roslindale have frequently purchased take out from Himalayan Bistro - its very good.

            1. re: DoggieMama

              How many boxes/containers do they give you to fill up?

              1. re: bakerboyz

                One standard sized round plastic container, with partitions, and a raised clear plastic lid, so you can really pack it in. PLUS a small round tupperwear mini-tub - presumably for dessert - but I fill mine with daal. :)

      2. I love that they play Wu-Tang at Masala Art. Not even kidding.

        1. We went to Masala Art for the first time on Saturday and liked it a lot. Yes, it is more expensive than some other Indian places, but it's not all *that* expensive - we paid less than $40 for two entrees and an app, and we really liked the food. We got the Chicken Malabar, with tamarind and coconut, the Channa Dal, and some idli, because I love Southern Indian food and can't find much of it around here. Next time we'll get the dosas as well. There was a huge crowd, but we were seated within ten minutes - without a reservation - and had no service problems whatsoever. I'd happily go back any time; it's just a matter of whether we feel more like Indian or Sweet Basil down the street.

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