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Dec 13, 2007 09:42 AM

High-quality butcher near Burlingame/San Mateo?

Can anyone recommend a high-quality butcher near Burlingame/San Mateo? Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Pape's in Millbrae has a great reputation. Other than that Draegers on 4th in San Mateo.

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    1. re: Giselle

      A bit further south: Schaub's in Palo Alto

      1. re: Giselle

        I second Pape's. Their seasoned rack of lamb is a must!

      2. Hi Will Z, what are you looking for?

        For example, for meats (beef, lamb), if I need something really high quality, I go to Draegers on 4th in San Mateo, my fallback would be Mollie Stones on 42nd in San Mateo.

        I've gotten my holiday turkeys at said Mollie Stones and they have been wonderful

        For whole pork legs to roast, I go to Fiesta Latina on Cary Street in San Mateo

        FYI since I'm at it, for Fish/Shellfish, its the Seafood department at Whole Foods.

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        1. re: Cat Chow

          First off, thanks to everyone for all the responses thus far! Y'all are great!

          In answer to your question, Cat_Chow, I'm looking for beef. Have gone to the Mollie Stones in San Bruno but have not ventured any farther afield.....

          1. re: will_z

            I must also mention that the whole foods in San mateo has a dry aged case and the display looks very tantatlizing...I just haven't really gotten around to trying any of it...but I should!

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            There's a Mollie Stones in Burlingame, which sounds like it would be much more convenient for the OP than the one on 42nd.

            I like the fish and poultry at Crystal Springs.

            1. re: JoyM

              I saw that the other day I picked up a cake at Dianda' do you like them, Joy?

              I must admit, that since Whole Foods carries Kumamoto oysters which they will shuck for me and dry sack scallops, I've been spoiled to look elsewhere!

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                Crystal Springs Fish & Poultry is their full name, right off 92 DeAnza exit. I've always found their fish and chicken to be reasonably priced and fresh, with a wide selection. Not cheap, exactly, but cheaper than Mollie Stones or Whole Foods. The location is a little out of the way for me, but it's right near CSM, so if you're going to the Farmer's Market on Saturday or Wednesday, it's a convenient stop on the way home.

                Piazza's also has a good butcher, although not as extensive a selection as Whole Foods or Draegers

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                Actually, I have been to both Mollie Stone's (they are equal distance to me) and the one on 42nd is actually bigger and better stocked overall. So if Ihad to choose between the two, I go to 42nd

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                  Second Crystal Springs. Bummer that it's now only fish and poultry. They had great pork/beef as well.

              3. just roll into draegers or whole foods. dont make it complicated.

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                1. re: elduderino

                  I used to live near Draegers in San Mateo. I had excellent results with their butchers.

                2. I wanted to add another fine butcher counter to this list. After years of driving by it, last week after coming home on BART I finally decided to go into Lunardi's to get some Porterhouse steaks for dinner (for bistecca fiorentina, more specifically). For starters, they have a very long butcher counter, no packaged cuts in plastic trays. The butcher who helped me was young but well informed and very happy to help me...for a moment I felt like I was one of those 50's housewives getting blue ribbon service "back in the day"!

                  I must say the family raved over the quality of the meat (once I cooked it). It is a little on the pricier side, but it was well worth it!!

                  1. I prefer Piazza's Fine Foods off 92 at the Hillsdale exit. Very helpful, knowedgeable staff - a full-service butcher.

                    Someone mentioned above that the selection is smaller than Whole Foods and Draeger's. Could be but if so not by much, it's rare they don't have something I'm looking for. The butcher counter is an entire wall on one side of the store, I've always thought of the selection as pretty large for meat & poultry. Also, prices are better than WF/Draeger's but quality is still high. Not as happy with their fish/shellfish, just OK.

                    I used to buy beef at Crystal Springs before they shuttered half to focus on poultry & fish.

                    Draeger's has let me down numerous times. I got so tired of getting completely mismatched-size cuts - even when I _specifically_ asked for same size cuts. I wised up and started inspecting everything closely, but shouldn't have to at a 'full-service' butcher at those prices. What a store, but I think the butcher is overrated.