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Dec 13, 2007 09:42 AM

Buenos Aires on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day

I am having trouble finding any restaurants open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in BA that don't charge US$150 per person and up. Are there any other options out there, preferably in Recoleta or walk-able distance? Thanks....

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  1. Yes, us too. Also looking for a place to spend New Year's Eve... anyone?

    1. I believe Cabana Las Lilas (great and not expensive by US standards) is open with their normal menu Christmas day, but overpriced Christmas eve and New Year's menus. We also found a place on Santa Fe not far from Plaza Italia that will be open Christmas eve.

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        A local friend in BA told me that Cabana Las Lilas was charging US$100 per person -- that must have been Christmas Eve. Thanks for the tip on Christmas Day. Looks like room service on Christmas Eve.

      2. I wasn't really looking, but I ran across two restaurants last night advertising they'd be open Dec. 24 and 31: Camila (Estado de Israel 4499, Tel: 4864-8001) and El Trapiche (Paraguay 5099, Tel: 4772-7343).

        I've been to Camila. It's a solid neighborhood place with a nice atmosphere. I don't know if I'd recommend traveling across the globe to eat there, but it's good. I was at El Trapiche last night and had a very good steak.

        Neither is in Recoleta and I have no specifics on their prices or menus for the nights in question, but I'd be shocked if they were charging $150 a head. Mostly I pass this along to suggest that you don't have to get room service on Christmas Eve unless you want to.

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          If El Trapiche is really open, go! My wife and I were there a couple of weeks ago and had a fabulous meal and great fun. This is a large, "neighborhood" (read: not fancy, not filled with tourists like us -- it's truly all about the food) place that serves large portions of delicious food. If you've reviewed this board, you've seen excellent suggestions from Dan at Casa Saltshaker. The El Trapiche review on his website is titled something like "don't eat anything larger than your head." He wasn't kidding. We went with big appetites, ordered one starter, one side, one main dish, one dessert to share for two of us, and only through diligent effort and a long time at table (while enjoying the soccer game on the tv, of course) did we eat more than half of what we were served. We had a blast, loved our meal, and I highly recommend it.

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            I'm staying in Recoleta on NYE, as well, and here are places in Recoleta that are open according to the concierge at our hotel. Each has a special menu that runs $100-150 USD/person
            La Cabana (not las Lilas)

            you can get contact info for each of these places from: (in Spanish only but fairly straightforward).
            Anyone know of any other places?

            1. re: mhdousa

              Had a fantastic lunch at La Cabana on our last day in B.A. a couple of weeks ago. Lomo (what else!?) with a side of cheesy creamed spinach. I would gladly return. It was expensive for B.A.

          2. Please let us know if you find anything good--Christmas Eve is the last night of our honeymoon!

            1. My friend and I will be arriving on Christmas morning to BA. We are on a very strct budget. Does anyone know/think if there will be any cheap places around to grab food or will grocery stores be open? A friend suggested that maybe the Jewish area, Once, would have places open.

              Also, is it standard for places to close down on New Year's or just have special menus?