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Nov 1, 1999 12:27 PM

Dim Sum in Lomita

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Los Angeles is blessed with a large number of places where top quality dim sum can be had. Among the contenders for best dim sum in Los Angeles are Empress Pavilion in downtown Chinatown, and Harbor Village, Ocean Star, and NBC Seafood in Monterey Park. I have had wonderful dim sum at each of these places and others. However, I live in San Pedro, and sometimes don't have the time or inclination to drive all the way to downtown Los Angeles or Monterey Park (about a 50 to 60 mile drive round trip). Fortunately, I have found a very good place for dim sum in Lomita. Regal Palace Seafood Restaurant is located at 2166 Pacific Coast Highway, between Western and Crenshaw. It does not offer as wide a variety of dishes as the Monterey Park restaurants, so you can't get some things like jellyfish, duck tongues, or suckling pig. (Ah, the suckling pig at Ocean Star!) But it does serve plenty of things to keep me happy, and the quality of the dim sum is very high. I had dim sum there again last Sunday, and especially enjoyed the chicken feet in chile and black bean sauce and the jofu fa, although everything else was also very good. If you live in, or happen to be in, the South Bay area and are in the mood for dim sum, this is the place for you.

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  1. Thanks for the Dim Sum tip. I was actually underwhelmed by Ocean Star on my only visit, but must give them the benefit of the doubt as I arrived at around 2:30 as the dumplings had all but stopped coming off the line. I would like to give them another try. This one sounds like it might be worth the trip. I had only been to Empress Pavillion (and a lot) until recently. Though I tried VIP Harbor Seafood in West L.A. on Wilshire and Barrington, and was blown away by the quality. The selection wasn't terrific but everything we had was wonderful. Now it's off to Lomita...

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      Arriving at a dim sum restaurant at 2:30 p.m. is destined to result in a bad experience. The kitchen will be closing down, and you're stuck with whatever previous diners haven't snatched up from the carts. I've also arrived too early at some places, when the kitchen is just cranking up and, although the food is freshly prepared, the selection is sparse. Once, I believe it was at Ocean Star, I arrived early and asked for suckling pig, but was informed that it wasn't served until 1:00 p.m. Another time, at Empress Pavillion, I had seen the jofu fa go by a few times, but when I ordered it at around 1:00 p.m., was informed that it was all gone. Such are the perils of eating dim sum, I guess. I've had good dim sum at Ocean Star, as well as Empress Pavillion, Harbor Village, NBC, and other places, but I've learned to arrive so that I'm eating between around noon and 1:00 p.m. The problem is that the wait is the longest at this prime time, but the food and the selection are also the best, so I endure the long wait.