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Dec 13, 2007 09:33 AM


Does anyone know where can I procure sprigs of dried lavender in Montreal?


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  1. I found some in the tea section at Folie en Vrac several months ago. You might be out of luck at this season.

    1. I used to see them at the stand right across Havre aux Glaces at Jean Talon, you know the one that also sells soap and I think cranberries too.Haven't been there during the winter so cannot guarantee that the stand is still there; things change during the winter at JTM.

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        I don't know about springs, but I know that you can find the buds in those green packages, Clefs des Champs (?), which are found at Rachel-Bery.
        I made chocolate-lavender ice cream with it last year, but alas went too heavy on the lavender.

        1. re: rillettes

          The reason I'm looking for it is because I'm looking at the possibility of making some lavender-infused vinegar as a christmas gift for some family members. I could use the buds but I'll have to strain them. I want to be able to leave sprigs whole in the bottle because it'll look so pretty.

          1. re: mainsqueeze

            Having never tried making it, I'm talking through my hat, but I'd be wary of using lavender sprigs like you would tarragon sprigs to make tarragon vinegar. They're just too coarse and strong to leave in the vinegar for any length of time. The flowers are the way to go: finer, sweeter and less overpowering. Get them from an herbalist or tea store.

      2. Not quite in Montreal, but some friends of mine run a lavender farm in Knowlton - they have every kind of lavender imaginable. It's at 50 Mont Echo Road, just past the centre of the village.

        Hope this helps,


        1. My daughter picked up some at a flower shop on St. Laurent, she can't remember exactly where, but near Schwartz's deli. This was a couple of days ago. Maybe call some flower shops?

          1. I buy food grade lavender buds at Anatol Spice shop on 6822 Boul. St Laurent just south of Milano Supermarket. I use it to make my Herbes de Provence mix. It's in the special herb section at the back of the store with the tisane herbs.