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Dec 13, 2007 09:18 AM

house of chicken and ribs-antelope

now my husband is thinking about going here for his birthday- anyone been? anything really good?

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  1. Where is it? Can you add that to the title?

    This Board includes all of California except LA and SF.

    EDIT: I just realized Antelope is a place. Proper punctuation would have helped. I thought you wanted antelope ribs...


    1. Hi... I've never been but just in case no one else replies, I thought I'd suggest Sandra Dees' in midtown if he's looking for BBQ. I live in Sac. and with so many great places to eat here, I rarely venture north. Anyway, I absolutely love Sandra Dee's. The best greens I've ever had! And the meat on the ribs just melt in your mouth.

      1. Here is the website

        And in just perusing it, this is someplace I am going to have to hit. Southern style ribs and chicken. Gotta love that.

        1. we did go and it was pretty good or at least all the meat was. the sides were either too salty or no flavor and sweet potato fries were sweet and i was expecting savory. we went right when they were closing so that could have been part of the problem. we've been to sandra dees- he likes that too- but he always wants to check out all the new places and we live in carmichael so we are more to the north and most BBQ places are more to the south. he also wants to try the one that was in the paper that shares with a coffee place???

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            I think you may be referring to "Old Soul baking co." which is in Midtown? If so, they're not really a soul food place. It's mostly sandwiches, quiches, pizza, etc. (from what I've read)

            1. re: toncasmo

              I think you may be referring to the "Railroad Cafe". It was recently reviewed in the Sac Bee.
              They serve both breakfast and BBQ ribs on the weekend.
              I like it for both, breakfast and the ribs, I prefer the flavor to Sandra Dee's.
              Sauce is wonderful, they close early, 3 PM.

              1. re: mausi

                No, when toncasmo mentioned the place that shares w/a coffee place, I was thinking of Old Soul Co. in midtown. That's the only place I could think of but maybe Toncasmo was thinking of the diner, the Railroad Cafe. I read the review also and am wanting to try it for lunch someday soon. I like diner-type places for lunch and am always looking for someplace new to try

                1. re: lilyalli

                  no the place i was thinking of is called cafe au creme- if you google bbq and coffee in you'll get the review. it's over on stockton so not my area so haven't made it there yet. i've been to old soul and railroad cafe- liked both but i don't consider them combo bbq and coffee places