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Dec 13, 2007 09:06 AM

Hounds In Palm Springs 12/14-19, Looking For Recs, Upscale Market

Two foodie couples will be in PS for about a week, staying in a condo. We're looking for local eats and a good food/meat/seafood/grower's market, as three of us cook. Adventurous, looking for high and low end. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Jensen's Finest Foods

    102 S Sunrise Way
    Palm Springs, CA 92262
    (760) 325-8282

    There's also a Trader Joe's in Cathedral City.

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      From a New Jersey CH, I recommend any of the Fisherman's Market Restaurants. The food is great and prices are low. It doesn't pay to cook fish at home. There are three locations: Palm Springs, Palm Desert and La Quinta.

      The one in La Quinta is right next to a Jensen's. If you don't get there early, the line builds up fast and gets long.

      The one in Palm Desert is right next to a Trader Joe's. I have found this location to have the shortest lines.

      For breakfast or a burger.....John's on 111 in Palm Desert. Great hash browns and don't forget to order some fried jalapenos @ a quarter each

      The Fisherman's Market and John's are both favorites of Professional Golfers on the PGA do not let the low prices fool you to the quality of the food. Our group travels every January and this is where we stop for breakfast early mornings and for happy hour after golf. They have a great Tuna Sashimi Plate and inexpensive beer.

      For an excellent Weekend Brunch....The Desert Springs Marriott is the place to go.

    2. I'm a Philadelphia chowhound who's spent 2 weeks in Palm Springs every January for the past 5 years. Our favorite restaurant is Johannes -- and we've tried them all! We stay in a hotel and don't cook. Best breakfast is at the Parker Hotel restaurant (Norma's, I think). If you want a good, inexpensive ample breakfast or lunch, head for the Spa Casino!

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