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Dec 13, 2007 08:56 AM

Valentino White Truffle Dinner - Perceptor's Report

To celebrate my wife's birthday, I picked Valentino for our dinner option. Knowing white truffle season is in full swing, Valentino is definitely a good choice since they know their white truffle (probably biggest white truffle buyer in LA year after year). White truffle is not shown in the menu nor in their tasting menu. Just ask them and they can incorporate white truffle in anything.

Here are our pictures from the dinner. Enjoy!

- Perceptor

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  1. Happy Birthday to Mrs Perceptor! The pictures look great, and hope you had a wonderful time. That risotto looks delicious.

    1. awesome! they sure don't skimp the truffles do they?

      1. That looks great! Does Valentino's do a good Tasting menu? I'm thinking about Life Day next March!

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        1. re: Diana

          To be honest, i think Valentino's tasting menu can be better. There were definitely things on the regular menu that looks better than the courses on the tasting menu. So if you do the tasting menu, I recommend substituting stuff you wanna try from the regular menu.

        2. To piggyback on your wonderful post, I'll add that I was recently at a white truffle dinner at Valentino's back on November 15th. My short review is here

          If you love truffles, that was the night for it. Some of the pictures only show a few truffle shavings on them - this is how they came out from the kitchen. I forgot to take the picture immediatey after the servers came around the table and shaved a bunch more truffles right on top! Needless to say, we had our fill of white alba truffles that night.

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          1. re: kingkong5

            wow wow wow.... look at all those truffles!!! you scored Kingkong5

            1. re: Perceptor

              LOL, my wife is 8 months pregnant and wouldn't be able to eat the raw tartar or egg dishes, along with all of the wine, so I had to go it solo that night. But you, Perceptor, taking your wife out for her birthday dinner - I hope you scored better ;-)

            2. re: kingkong5

              So envious... I was supposed to be at that dinner, seeing the pics make it more painful :(. That upstairs wine room is where we had our NYE dinner several years ago, with much a similar cast of characters that you were there with. Having a "Piero-ized" Valentino dinner is really something else. Good Barolo with white truffles is one of the world's best pairings... just like d'Yquem and foie.

            3. Gorgeous pics as always, thanks Perceptor! I had an amazing white truffle dinner at Valentino last year but haven't made it yet this year. Your report is all the inspiration I need.