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Dec 13, 2007 08:52 AM

Two qs: Goat bbq and great granola

We have people coming to town that want to sample goat bbq. I know the best bbq is found outside Austin city limits, but we won't have time to travel -- so, is there anywhere in the city limits that offers good goat bbq. Also, my boss loves granola, and I want to find some really good stuff to give him for Christmas, what is the best in town? Obviously it have to be something that can be packaged and wrapped. THANKS!

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  1. wheatsville co-op on Guadalupe has a real good selection of bulk granola(if you're discreet you can sample some before buying, or buy some tiny quantities first). Whole Foods, too but it will be more expensive. What about Mexican style Cabrito instead of goat BBQ?. Search the board for Cabrito. As i recall there has been more than one discussion by the experts on this.

    1. Goat really doesn't slow smoke very well since it's so lean and dries out during the long smoking process. For Mexican-style barbecued goat, El Azteca ("Home of the Horned Goat", I think) on 7th street near Pleasant Valley.


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        I'm not sure when you last visited, sqwertz, but there have been a few downhill reports on El Azteca in the past few months. Anyone who's interested in finding out more can search for "El Azteca" [using the "search this board" link at the top of the page] to pull up the relevant thread(s).

        Smoky, slow-roasted cabrito [kid goat] is actually a long-standing Tejano tradition, though this delicacy may be hard to find in Austin. The article below suggests that you might find what you're looking for at Lambert's, of all places:

        You can also find good cabrito tacos—in the style of birria—at the take-out counter at TomGro Grocery ( ). FYI: This option lacks the relatively-upscale ambience that you'll find at places like Lambert's.

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          Texican Cafe on Manchaca has Cabrito and it's been pretty tasty the few times I've ordered it.

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            I haven't been to El Azteca since around April. It's not the first time it would have gone though a slump.
            (And I don't usually read this board so I haven't seen any negs about it)

        2. Try Oat Cuisine granola. You can buy it at their website. They sell pre-packaged in a couple of flavors. Used to eat it all the time when I lived in Palo Alto at a local restaurant called Hobee's..

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            Thanks everyone! Very helpful information.