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Oct 28, 1999 08:26 PM

Thank You L.A. Hounds

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Just returned from a week of happy mealtimes in L.A. I left NYC clutching the L.A. Zagat's & several dog-eared pages of comments I downloaded from this board (hope I wasn't infringing anyone's copyright, but I couldn't get my PC & monitor on the plane...)
Anyway, thanks for tips on Ciudad (1st of many memorable meals in town,) Ruen Pair, R-23, Shibucho (after those two may never have the heart to eat sushi in NYC again,) Suehiro, let's see, where else did we go, James' Beach & Capri in Venice (especially liked the latter), and a couple of highly satisfying tacos when I was in Grand Central Market, from a stand with a throng that was three-deep, maybe called Tomas?
Wouldn't have heard of/sought out/found most of the above without your postings. And was it just our luck, or are all the waitstaff out there much lower on the attitude scale than the general run in NY? And how is it that I lost weight out there, after all of the above?

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  1. It's always nice to hear that the information on the Los Angeles board has been put to such good, and ultimately satisfying, use. I feel the same way. Chowhound recommendations played a huge role in my recent euphoric trip to Barcelona. By the way, did you have the morning glory with garlic at Ruen Pair? Did you try some of the cooked items off the "specials" menu (written in Japanese) at R-23?

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    1. re: Tom Armitage

      No and no.
      We stuck to the tried-and-true. (And we didn't figure out about the morning glory dish until after we ate.) But we were happy with the Pad Thai (my benchmark dish,) and our first encounter with Papaya salad, and whatever the 3rd thing was (a green veg, no doubt.)
      As to R-23, after a busy week of DASH-riding, freeway-driving, conventioneering, museum-schlepping, and hotel-changing (4 places in 8 days!) we didn't feel up to the adventure of finding/negotiating the special menu, and contented ourselves with a featured appetizer (can't for the life of me remember what it was, but eggplant would be my first guess) and sushi picks off the menu. Poor us! Between our own plank, and the sashimi-laden one at the next table, we were drooling like those aliens on the Simpsons. Still wondering where we can find a sushi experience to match in NYC (short of blowing the airfare for our next trip at Nobu,) or if we're fools to try.
      PS Have I set some kind of record for hyphenation?

      1. re: Helen
        Tom Armitage

        If you haven't already done so, read the lengthy string on the Manhattan board, subject "Favorite sushi places," with the initial post by Brian Paulsen on 9/20/99. I am not qualified to compare traditional sushi restaurants in New York City with those in Los Angeles. The best person that I know of to do so would be Jonathan Gold.