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Best preparation of Foie?

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I'm partial to torchon, definitely has to be good quality foie gras. And the bigger the piece the better =)!! Any favorites out there?

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  1. i used to love it at veritas but since bryant left, it hasnt been as good.

    the one at telepan was hella rich (more than usual) but very good.

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      Only the Foie....or have you found a slide in all areas at Veritas since Bryan left?

    2. david burke & donatella

      1. Blue Hill's is very nice.

        1. Seared at the Modern - Bar Room. Seared Sullivan County Foie Gras with “Bereweka” fruit chutney and dark beer reduction.

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            i second that. it was really good at the modern bar room, not sure i would say "best" in the city, but still worth it!

            1. I just saw this on someone's blog: http://chewandswallow.wordpress.com/2...

              ....foie gras in a knot...looked beautiful!

              1. Another poster has raved about the foie gras ganache at Aquavit - I've been dying to try it and we're going on Monday, so I'll report back.


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                  That was me. It is probably my favorite dish (of any type of food) in the city. And I have not had it recently enough!

                  Hope you enjoy it!

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                    Actually that was me. There are better foie gras dishes to be had in the city but the app at Aquavit is fun. Please report back. Also have the duck and some herring at Aquavit.

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                      Thanks. I may skip the herring in favor of something new to me, as I've had the herring a number of times in the Cafe.

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                        I had the foie gras ganache - very good, though not taste bud blowing so to speak. I think what made the dish for me was the quince chutney it was served with. There was also a tiny circle of something - like the thinest pancake in the world - but not sure if it was a starch - and unfortunately the website menu shows a different combination of ingredients (quail, etc.). I'll post a full report of the meal sometime over the weekend, but over all, I was pleased and impressed.

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                          I had it once with quail and once with a smoked duck "tartare" which is what you may have had.

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                            That's what's described on the online menu - the quail, but the one I had was definitely a quince chutney - three little piles, with this circular "something" on top.

                  2. I personally think that the foie gras terrine at Per Se is the best preparation of foie gras. However, if you want the whole piece of foie gras without too much "processing" and that size matters to you, I will tell you that I had the biggest piece of foie gras in my life at Fleur de Sel. It was so big, bigger than my palm, that my jaw dropped when i saw it on my plate. It was simply prepared - seard to crispy outside and creamy inside, with rose water and dried fruit puree. I have posted a picture of the foie gras dish, and I am telling you that the foie gras was bigger than it appeared in the picture.

                    However, I couldn't guarantee if this was a fluke or what, so if someone orders this dish and doesn't get as big a piece, please don't blame it on me.... :P

                    1. Eleven Madison Park....

                      1. I thought the foie and smoked eel terrine with the caramelized crust was absolutely amazing at Atelier de Joel Robuchon. Sadly, it was not huge.

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                          yeah, that's really an amazing dish. I'm partial to terrines of foie gras, so I'd have to add the versions at Jean Georges, Eleven Madison Park and Blue Hill at Stone Barns

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                            Just had this. Still thinking about it. Who knew eel and fois gras could be so good?

                          2. You should try either Aureole or Bouley: absolutely fabulous!

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                              I second the recommendation for the torchon/brulee combo at EMP.

                            2. I just had the steamed Chinese foie gras filled bao at the Monkey Bar, now under Christopher Cheung. Very very good.

                              1. Falai.

                                Trilogia Di Fegato Grasso: A foie croquette, foie mousse in a dark chocolate shell accompanied with some fresh blueberries and a cold foie terrine. The terrine was accompanied by caviar and toast that had a foie gras dripping glaze as if it had been seared in the pan the foie gras was sauteed in. Delicious.

                                1. Jean Georges always does a nice preparation of foie gras.

                                  Recently I enjoyed the sauteed foie gras at Casa Mono that was sent to our table (we had a chef dining with us). It was quite the best thing we had there! A nice surprise.

                                  1. While not technically foie gras, I'd have to throw in the 2nd Ave. Deli's chopped liver. Cheaper too ;)

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                                      where can i find goose foie in the city?

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                                        I don't recall ever seeing goose foie gras on a restaurant menu in NYC. I think that most chefs here get their foie gras locally, i.e., upstate NY, and only ducks are being used to produce it. I have seen squab foie gras. In fact, Daniel's current dinner menu has it as part of a squab dish. (Note: There is duck foie gras on the appetizer menu.)


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                                          so, is there any french produce store in the city that sells a bloc de foie gras d'oie, canned?

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                                            I don't know of any store in NYC that specializes in French products. The last time I bought canned foie gras d'oie, I was in France.

                                            Via Google, I found this: http://www.splendidpalate.com/product...

                                            1. re: RGR

                                              And I've used this place....


                                              ...to order foie gras. $34.00 as opposed to $42.95 for 5.1oz foie gras d'oie. (And cheaper shipping) Gotta love that!

                                              I've looked many times for the Franco equivalent of, say, Myers of Keswick, but alas, (or hélas?) I dont think there is such a place

                                    2. Ko and Per Se are my favorites. If you just want a simple preparation Bouchon Bakery might not be a bad idea. Its huge. You can also get it to go.