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Dec 13, 2007 07:35 AM

Reasonable but adventurous

My wife and I enjoy going to restaurants. Occasionally circumstances bring us to high-end places like Susur, Canoe, Mistura, etc. Invariably we find ourselves uncomfortable in those environments (in spite of Massimo Capra's charm and friendliness), which is a shame since it is exactly those restaurants that seem to be most adventurous with their menus...

...or are they?

Can anybody think of a restaurant that isn't afraid to be creative with ingredients/meals but that doesn't charge $50 per entree and/or doesn't attract a "seen and be seen" crowd?

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  1. Cowbell has some interesting items on their menu. The most expensive entree was $30 the night I was there. Might attract some of the "seen and be seen" crowd some nights, but not the night I was there.

    Haven't been to Rosebud or Amuse Bouche( , but their menus look interesting and fairly inventive. Czehoski also has some creative dishes, but in my experience the descriptions sound great on paper, but sometimes seem to lack something in taste once they arrive at the table.

    1. You might like the Universal Grill - the kitchen has some pretty interesting stuff happening (jerk pork was great)?

      The UG is by no means see and be seen, but I guess some people might not like the boho-y vibe? What are your fave spots - might help in getting some answers that are more on-target?

      1. lol, aside from the search for the elusive "authentic (anything)", is this not basically what the chowhound site is all about? The ultimate chowfind, our holy grail.

        1. I would suggest going to a tapas place, like Coca, Torito, Cava...with all the small plates there will be lots of options to try something new...Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar also would fit, although it is going to run a little more pricey....

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            I haven't been back since the summer, and that one time in the summer was the only time I'd been in a year, but I've always liked Taro Grill on Queen W, I used to go quite often. The drink selection is a bit above average for the area and the food is fairly interesting and I've never been let down by it.

            Most entrees are around $20 - $25, they've got some zing to them but aren't too complicated that portions suffer terribly.

            Anyone who's been recently please correct me if I'm wrong, it's been a while but I've enjoyed all my meals there. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's been in the last month or so.

            492 Queen W., north side, east of Bathurst.