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Oct 22, 1999 08:30 PM

Steaks in Los Angeles

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Is there a better steak in Los Angeles than The Pacific Dining Car? (Downtown location) I have tried Ruth Crist's, Arnie Mortons, Dan Tana's, and The Palm. I have yet to find a restaurant that comes close to the quality of The Pacific Dining Car. The only better steak I have had was in Cincinnati at The Precinct. Any suggestions?

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  1. I recommend Taylor's Steak House in Mid City on 6th Street. While it isn't the best Steak in LA, the old LA, "Dragnet," atmosphere can't be beat. The steak is actually pretty good, and you'll come out with a few more dollars in your pocket than at the Pacific Dining Car.

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      Taylor's is a fine restaurant and does, indeed, have a wonderful atmosphere. (It is on 8th, by the way, NOT 6th) The service is fine and the steaks are fairly good. And, as you mentioned, the price cannot be beat. However, as I stated in my original message, I am searching for the BEST steak - NOT the best deal for inferior food.

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        Alan Feldstein

        Taylor's has a restaurant in La Canada, too. Old time steak house with homey type service, great steaks for about half the price of the snotty places. My wife and i love it..

      2. The steak that I think is the best is at Michael's on Third and Wilshire in Santa Monica. It is a Superior Prime New York with the best Frites that I have ever eaten (shoestring style). Even people from Kansas City were impressed.

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          Dave Anderson

          You should try Nick & Stef's, a new steak house by Joachim & Christine Splichal (its named for their kids). The ribeye is what I would recommend. It is in the Wells Fargo Center, 333 S. Grand, downtown.

          Disclosure: I used to be an investor in the Patina group (which included this restaurant), and although the the Patina group has since been sold, I'm no doubt still biased.

          BTW: the best steak in the world is the tenderloin out of an old dairy cow --- its an unused muscle in cows, and so it isn't tough, but has great flavor. But, you have to work on the packinghouse floor to get one. So says my old classmate who went to work selling calves at his father's commission house. I had some of this tenderloin at his Christmas party one year (he sells them a lot of cattle) and just couldn't believe how good it was.

          1. I had a really fine filet mignon at the arroyo chop house in Pasadena. Although the atmosphere is kind of beige and bland, the steaks were high quality, well prepared, and delicious.

            1. I love LA Prime on top of the Bonaventure and Steaks and Martini's on top of the Transamerica building. Also Nick and Steph's is very good.