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Cuban Sandwich


i've only had one real cuban but it was in florida so i'm assuming compared to most new england standards it was pretty good! in any event i thought it was incredible and i'd love to find a place in the boston area that makes a good one. i'm not sure if they vary depending on who's making it so i can't really go into much more detail. what i can say is i did try the one at gaslight. although i liked the restaurant i wasn't a huge fan of their cuban but i'm not holding it against them b/c after all, its a french restaurant. i mean it was okay. but i'm looking for authentic here... nothing fancy. i heard there's a place in jamaica plain that makes a good one but i don't know the name of it. if anyone could help i'd really appreciate it. and if i could get a side of yucca it would be a huge plus!

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  1. Hi,

    The place your referring to is El Oriental De Cuba.

    Some recent threads:

    El Oriental De Cuba
    416 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

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    1. re: mjg0725

      The great debate - I prefer El Oriental.
      We need to do a blind tasting.

    2. Chez Henri in Cambridge

      Chez Henri
      1 Shepard Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

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      1. re: kate used to be 50

        I second Chez Henri. You get it at their bar. It's fab.

        1. re: Bostonbob3

          And I'll third that recommendation.

          1. re: joebelt

            I will fourth it enthusiastically, but also point out that as Cubanos go, it's pretty darn fancy. If you can wink at that, it won't do you wrong.

            In addition to El Oriental, the Plough and Stars (pub between Harvard and Central) serves an ostensibly good one, although I haven't tried it.

            1. re: finlero

              I've tried the Plough's cubano -- it's very good, but not as good as the best, at Chez Henri.

              But for the OP if your handle means you would object to spending over $10 for a cuban, then try the decent one down the street at Montrose Spa.

              Montrose Spa
              1646 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

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                I second the Montrose Spa. Very very tasty.

              2. re: finlero

                This post reminds me that I still need to try the veggie Cubano at Chez Henri. That sounds tasty on a snowy night!

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                  I'll fifth that. The Cubano at Chez Henri is perhaps my favorite specific dish in any restaurant in the Boston area (hooah--let the debates begin!).

                2. re: joebelt

                  I will fourth that recomendation.
                  I will drive all the way to Cambridge for one.

                  Also, St Alphnous Grill in South Boston has one. Have not tried it.

                  1. re: saltyair

                    There's only one thing I like better than a lobsta roll and that's the cubano from OREINTAL DE CUBA!

                  2. re: joebelt

                    I fourth, fifth and sixth that!!

              3. Some good one's I've had.....

                Cafe Miami on Tremont St in the South End
                South End Fromaggio's Cuban (lacks in authenticity, but it's still tasty)
                Hot Off the Press in Central Sq. Cambridge

                1. I've heard great things about the one at Chez Henri, but I haven't tried it. I had a good Cubano at Gaslight last weekend. The fries could have been better, but the sandwich was good.

                  1. I'm not a huge fan of cuban sandwiches, but I do love yucca and El Oriental de Cuba has fantastic fried yuca.

                    1. My husband and I ordered the Cubano at Gaslight on Sat. morning because he had really enjoyed his a couple of weeks earlier. For some reason, there was no ham in either of ours, and it was bland. Just sliced pork or turkey. Very different from the earlier one, which had a generous amount of tasty, clovey ham and good flavor. Does Gaslight usually do this? If so, I wouldn't recommend it, I'd go with the Croque Monsieur.

                      1. I won't argue with the people who like the cubano at El Oriental de Cuba because it is delicious, but I find that the cubano across the street at Cafe Miami (in JP) is just a little bit more tasty due to the cuts of pork that they use.

                        1. The Independent in Union Square in Somerville does a nice Cubano on the bar side menu- pressed,thick slices of ham, grainy country-style tasting mustard, pickles and cheese. Simple but very tasty for a local place!

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                          1. re: deshuitres

                            and on to the search for a good muffeletta!

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                              I have an answer for that one too! Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square, Somerville. Could feed an army! (Ok, a small army)

                          2. El Oriental Cuba in Jamaica Plain (recently opened after fire) makes a great cuban sandwich!

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                              I had a Cuban from El Oriental for the first time recently and I loved it. Next stop is Chez Henri and then I will make my decision as to who makes a better one.

                              City Slicker in Somerville makes a decent one, but its not on the level of El Oriental...

                              1. re: ebone

                                i like them both, but be aware that they are very different creatures. the el oriental is a sandwich. the chez henri is a $15 fancy-pants yuppie bar plated pseudo-sandwich. sort of an apples & oranges thing.

                                also, a shout out to the cuban at petsi's pies in cambridge, which i haven't seen mentioned...

                                1. re: autopi

                                  Petsi's has a cuban? I think their pies are great, but I never realized they made sandwiches as well. Seems like a trip to cambridge is in order.

                                  Gotcha or the Chez Henri/El Oriental comparison, figured as much, but I am not opposed to some fancy pants dining either. When it comes to Cubans I certainly don't discriminate.

                            2. The All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Sq has one. I haven't had it myself, but they take things pretty seriously so it's probably worth a try.

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                              1. re: jajjguy

                                I've had one (Cuban) at the All Star.
                                It was respectable but not as delectable as Chez Henri.
                                In all fairness, nothing is!

                              2. Can any of you Bostonias / New Englanders tell me your version of a " Cuban "

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                                1. re: Peter B Wolf

                                  We take a piece of cod, smear it with clam chowder, add a piece of VT cheddar and press it between two slices of brown bread.

                                  1. re: jgg13

                                    topped with Indian pudding, served over succatash.

                                    1. re: smtucker

                                      This is ridiculous. I mean c'mon, jgg13, it's two pieces of VT cheddar, not one.

                                      Don't forget adding the baked beans on top of the lower piece of brown bread, as well as throwing some Rhode Island quahogs in between the pieces of VT cheddar (and mixing a couple in with the Indian pudding).

                                  2. re: Peter B Wolf

                                    Castro's probably my favorite version.

                                    Too far?

                                    1. re: gini

                                      Castro is the authentic version.
                                      Ricky Ricardo is the dumbed down Americanized Cuban.
                                      Seriously, my Grammie made a great authentic Boston version.
                                      Amnerican cheese on white bread. Grilled. Cup of tomato soup on the side.

                                    2. re: Peter B Wolf

                                      Fresh lobster meat and a little mayo in a hotdog bun.

                                      1. re: Peter B Wolf

                                        Every sandwich I make is a Cuban sandwich.

                                        1. re: Alcachofa

                                          Yes, but you have an unfair advantage ;-).

                                          1. re: Alcachofa

                                            Reminds me of the now-departed banh mi spot between Porter and Harvard -

                                            Orderer: "I'd like a...chicken...is it bonn mee?"

                                            Vendor: "Yeah, it's just a chicken sandwich."

                                          2. re: Peter B Wolf

                                            Salt cod between two slices of hardtack, washed down with the cold remains of Sunday's boiled dinner, eaten before a fire of two tiny coals while watching WGBH reruns of The French Chef on a 7" black and white TV with rabbit ears.

                                            1. re: Peter B Wolf

                                              I personally like the traditional cuban sandwich, but for something locally available which might not be as available in Miami, I would suggest a couple of other ethnic sandwiches. Also note that Boston did previously have a decent sized Cuban population -- I think dating back to the 1920s and centered around Roxbury.

                                              Portuguese Man-o-War (Snack Bar, Cambridge Street): Sub with portuguese marinated pork (febras), ham, american cheese, and egg.

                                              Irish Breakfast Sandwich: (Burren lunchtime only): Irish Sausage and Bacon. Unless they have changed their policies, they won't even let you pay extra to add the egg (you can get one meat and egg) which is annoying. But filling and comes with chips to have with malt vinegar.

                                              Should haven't much trouble finding near Miami (especially up towards Pompano), but there is the Brazilian X-tudo (Pastelaria Broadway, Somerville): patty hamburger, served with bacon and ham, potato sticks, corn, lettuce and tomato, eat it with mayo and ketchup.

                                              As has been pointed out before Izzy's in Cambridge a long-standing Puerto Rican restaurant has a roast pork sub which is along the lines of a cuban, but probably more "bostonized" than others (think cheese burger subs).

                                            2. While Oriental de Cuba and Chez Henri are the two best Cubans I've had in the area, I did have the Cuban at the Audobon Circle on Beacon yesterday and it was pretty darn good. If you happen to be in the area, not a bad choice.

                                              1. I second heWho's recommendation of Miami Cafe in the South End. It's actually just off of Tremont at the end of Aguadilla St. I remember the cubano just seeming to melt in my mouth, and I love their maduros!

                                                1. In the spirit of Peter B. Wolf, I'm going to suggest that a veggie cubano is the foie gras poutine of the sandwich world. Or somesuch. But the Chez Henri veggie cubano is still really delicious; it just has to compete unfairly with the even-more-awesome meatful cubano there. Having admitted this, I probably will never be allowed into Cuba.

                                                  I had the cubano at The Gaslight the other night, and it was pretty dismal. No ham, the wrong bread (it reminded me of brioche, a bread I would like to see banned from most sandwiches), and the wrong mustard (something Dijon-y). And it was twelve bucks. The fries, I'm happy to report, have gotten much better, obviously hand-cut and brought quickly to my bar seat from the fryer.

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                                                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                                                    Not really that authentic but Dan's Havana Heaven at Hi-Rise is a yummy take on the cubano. A generous hunk of pork. Although definitely the wrong kind of bread. I haven't had the cubano at Chez Henri but I really like the one at El Oriental de Cuba. MC Slim JB, you don't even like a brioche bun on a burger? Or is it the brioche in general can't hold up to most sandwich fillings?

                                                    1. re: heypielady

                                                      El Oriental's version reminds most of the ones served in Little Havana, Miami, where I had my first cubanos.

                                                      Two sandwiches with which I especially dislike brioche-like bread/rolls: a burger (as at ESK) and a lobster roll (as at Neptune). I like the sturdiness, but the eggy sweetness doesn't work for me in that context. (It's made worse at Neptune by over-charring.)