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Dec 13, 2007 05:48 AM


I make the best shrimp cocktail second only to the chef who taught me this shrimp cocktail recipe ( I am making a grilled shrimp cocktail for a party. I plan on making the usual cocktail sauce though I will jazz it up with roasted garlic and maybe some chili's. I'd like to add 2 more creative dips but I am at a creative loss. Any ideas/alternatives to the usual cocktail sauce. I was thinking maybe a sweet fruity type and a salty savory type. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. I haven't actually made this but am planning to for a small party I'm having next week. I'm also going to make two other dipping sauces for the shrimp. The sauce is Raspberry Dipping Sauce... basically 1/2 cup raspberry preserves mixed with 1-2 tablespoons horseradish (or to taste). Would you share your recipe for shrimp cocktail? I'd love to try something new. Thanks!

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      Thanks to all for the suggestions, as far as the recipe goes, it's pretty simply. Tradtionally, I would always boil big good quality shrimp bought from the local fish market. ALways good and well received. I will never make it this way agian.

      The new method I've learned is to marinate the shrimp for 1/2 hour in olive oil, fresh garlic, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, I always add fresh chili's for added ooomph. Maybe some fresh herbs if you like. You get the idea.

      Then grill them, preferably on an outdoor charcoal grill but a good cast iron grill pan works. Cook them about a minute on each side, longer if they are bigger. Get them off the grill, cool them and chill them in the fridge.

      This receives rave reviews in my circles. Enjoy!

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        Do you peel them before or after they are cooked?

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          In my class they were peeled. However, I emailed the chef earlier as I had the same question. Part of me says don't peel as the shells have lots of flavor but if you do that, 2 things - will the marinade reach the shrimp? and you loose the beautiful tasty grill marks. I'd lean toward peeled but will post her response when I get it.

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            SO to further clarify, peel leaving the tail on, marinate and grill.

      2. classic remoulade? chinese sweet and sour? roasted red pepper aioli? too banal? hmm........
        interested in watching our creative hounds put on their thinking caps!
        pomegranate and orange syrup with minced serranos?

        ps, when is party time? and what are your gps co-ords? ;-)

          1. Rubee recently brought some fantastic shrimp cocktail to a party with sauces from the Martha Stewart hors d'oeuvres cookbook. There were three sauces, one a classic cocktail, one a cilantro dip and the other a creamy habanero dip. They were absolutely delicious.

            1. Take some orange marmalade and heat until it can be easily stirred. Add chili sauce to your (heat) liking. Add a dash of soy if you want to counter the sweet some. A little fresh orange zest at the end will really bring out the orange.