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Dec 13, 2007 05:41 AM

Good place to buy panettone?

Anyone know a good place to buy panettone for Christmas? Preferably close to Cambridge/Arlington area, but I'd also like to know where the "best" in the area is.

I'm looking for a smallish one (for 3-4 people), if that makes any difference.



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    1. In my opinion the best in the area is made by Bindi (imported), which is great for a christmas present, but you need to order through a caffe that carries their dessert products. It runs about $20. McKinnon's or Sessa's in Davis Square both have a variety of other options, that are good for both presents and eating. Formaggio as mentioned is good for local ones and there are several bakers that make them, but frankly I really enjoy the Bindi that much more.

      For just good eating, I always have liked the Panettone that Market Basket carries (superior to what other supermarkets carry), its large and only $5.99. Just make sure you get the Italian one, not the Brazilian (baducco) which isn't as good.

      1. In Cambridge, both Formaggio Kitchen and Bindi are excellent suggestions.

        In the North End, I get my panettone at Salumeria Italiana. Here's their selection: