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Dec 13, 2007 05:09 AM

Friday dinner around 51st and Park?

Any suggestions for moderate priced (anything but Indian or Thai)?

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  1. Dos Caminos ,Fresco and PJ Clarkes.

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    1. re: fein

      I second Fresco (not to be confused with Fresco - On the Go, next door).

    2. Recently had dinner at Caffe Linda on 49th st between Lexington 3rd. Comfortable Italian dining with moderate prices. Service is good, but pretty slow though.
      Dad loved his spicy black linguine.

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      1. re: xigua

        Second Caffe Linda...delicious pastas! I think they have the best gnocchi w/ Bolognese sauce in town.

      2. Haru on 48th between Park and Madison

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        1. re: minniepop

          I have not eaten in the restaurant, but have ordered multiple times in the past, and I would advise against Haru. The sushi is just not very fresh.
          For Japanese food in the area, Hatsuhana (on 48th St, bet 5th and Madison) and Ise (49th st, lex and 3rd) is better in my opinion.

          1. re: xigua

            I've eaten at Haru several times for lunch and always find their fish to be very fresh.

        2. If you head East into the residential district, you'll find lots of good neighborhood restaurants - check menus at Luna Piena - Italian, 53rd bet. 2nd & 3rd. La Mangeoire (French) 2nd & 53rd. La Mediterranee @ 50th & 2nd. Both have early Prix Fixe at about $25. There are loads of restaurants along 2nd Ave between 50th and 57th which could work for you, including Taksim - very casual Turkish - on 2nd around 54th.

            1. re: jenniebnyc

              I really like Pampano, but think it can get quite pricey.