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Dec 13, 2007 04:33 AM

Brasserie Mollieux South Norwalk

There is a new spot in SoNo. It is a French Brasserie. The owner also owns a French restaurant in Ridgefield. The highlight is 14 European beers on tap!! Paulaner, Chimay and many others. Check it out!!

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  1. I'm definitely interested in checking it out, but with Brewhouse and the Ginger Man a 2 minute walk to the north and south, 14 beers on tap is hardly noteworthy. Rodenbach, Tripel Karmeliet and Riessdorf Kolsch on tap? Then you'd have my attention.

    1. Actually, it's called Brasserie Molliere.

      Brasserie Molliere
      15 North Main St, Norwalk, CT 06854

      1. I am going there tomorrow night for dinner and will let you know my opinion. I love french bistros so I am hoping for the best!

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          So whats the verdict? is it good? There are 2 I believe French restaurants in Ridgefield do you know which he owns? If they have Fischer beer Ill be excited :)

        2. The original comment has been removed