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Dec 13, 2007 04:28 AM

China King for Dim Sum

A friend and I went to China King for dim sum today. I'd researched everything, and C-Fu has been going down hill, Great Wall is on the other side of the Valley (I live right by ASU), and - alas - China Doll is long gone. So from judgments from the board, this left me with China King and Golden Buddha. Well, China King is VERY close to where I need to go to drop off my truck payment (today being payday), and a bit of research showed it to be the most recent New Times yayness, so China King it was.

There are, alas, no pictures. I didn't think to take any with my phone, and I don't have a digicam.

The clientèle was largely Chinese, with several families in attendance. My friend and I were the only non-Oriental folk there. Shortly after our arrival, they did bring forks out to us, though neither of us used them; however, props to the restaurant for noticing and paying that much attention.

We walked in and were immediately seated. Drinks were provided immediately, and the carts were brought to us almost before I put my napkin in my lap. The nice lady who brought the first cart, though very polite, knew almost no English. But, for that, and for us not knowing some of what we got (oh... those were chicken feet... Well, they're very... Umm... bony), we acquired a good number of tasty morsels. The second cart followed as soon as she was done, and there were more tasty treats. Fortunately, the charming lady spoke English, making things much easier.

I was VERY pleased with the service. Tea was kept filled, and I only had to flag down someone to refill our water once. Empty platters were removed frequently, and the carts came back around when we were down to about 2 remaining dishes.

As JK knows, I have been craving baked BBQ pork buns. Alas, they were not on the cart. I inquired, and shortly thereafter, a plate was brought to our table from the kitchen, still steaming. So I'm pleased to say that if you know something is available, and it's not on the cart, they will bring it to you within 10 minutes. I was most pleased.

The total for both of us, including tip, was roughly $30. While I can't speak for my friend, I had skipped breakfast, and I was quite full for a long time after (and I am NOT a small person). We ate very well, the service was good, and we were both very happy with the quality. Yes, I have had better. (I've had dim sum in Chinatown in both New York and San Francisco.) But I was very pleased, overall.

All in all, we had a very delightful experience. I can see where the place would be loud (due to layout), and possibly the carts be less frequent on the weekends; however, all in all, for weekday dim sum, I highly recommend China King.

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  1. Great choice! China King has the best dim sum in the Valley right now. FYI - Golden Buddha has also gone downhill.

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      I agree - Golden Buddha is nowhere near as good as it used to be. Thanks for the report. This just convinces me more that we need to give China King another try!

    2. Where is China King? Is that the one at Alma Shool and Ray?


      1. Yes, I totally agree, we just had the pleasure to do Dim Sum a couple weekends ago and it was better than both Golden Buddha and C Fu, service was excellent even with an unruly 15 month old. :-) Yes, it's in the strip mall at the corner of Alma School and Ray

        1. I was hoping you were going to post after you told me about it ;-) Just adding the place link here.

          China King Buffet
          1050 W Ray Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224