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Oct 17, 1999 08:09 PM

if not renu nakorn...[issan or lao]

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After hearing all of the talk about Renu Nakorn, I was dismayed to hear it will probably still be closed during my trip from NYC to LA next weekend (though
Tom's post indicated the owners return from Thailand Oct 20, so maybe if they open up right quick.... ).
Assuming not, am seeking recommendations for Issan food--Jonathan Gold recommended Thai Nakorn in Buena Park, is that second best? And is it/are they, in your
views, worth seeking out or not really special enough? My real motive is to approximate Lao food, which in some respects (though, alas, not the most important ones to me) seems similar to Issan. So recommendations for L.A. Lao would be even more fabulous (NYC has completely failed me on this front). Thanks!

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  1. Thai Nakorn in Buena Park is tangentially related to Renu Nakorn (it was opened by the original owner's sister or something), and is nearly as good. Or was--I haven't been there in a couple of years. I remember an amazing dish of grilled tiny tuna, and very good jackfruit larb. Just a few exits down the 5 from Renu Nakorn.Isaan-style Thai restaurants are essentially Lao, but there is a restaurant in nearby Anaheim called (I think) Sang Dao, run by the head of the Lao ESL program in the Anaheim schools, with a quite lengthy menu of country Lao specialties. Don't miss the grilled tongue salad.