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Dec 13, 2007 03:31 AM

Country Ham

Where is the best place to purchase a country ham in the greater Boston area? Thanks.

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  1. I don't know of any place in Boston that sells country ham, but I did just start a thread on this topic on the General board including links to what is supposed to be one of the better country ham purveyors. Price for a 1/2 ham are pretty reasonable.

    1. Lord Jeff's in Roxbury is the one place in Boston that regularly stocks country ham and they can sell you a whole ham, or cut to order. Some Asian markets also carry it as a substitute for another ham. These would be from larger purveyors though. During the Holidays Savenors has more boutique hams from smaller producers and they or Dewars can probably order it at any time. However, as StriperGuy mentions with shipping as it is, mail ordering is just as easy and that is what we did at Thanksgiving (for a Virginia ham, though).

      1. The Super 88 at Packard's Corner keeps a hanging rack of Smithfield brand country hams just like the one at the Texas supermarkets of my childhood!

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          Sadly Smithfield Ham's are not quite what they once were. Still okay, but now part of a big conglomerate and only aged 3-4 months as opposed to 1 year+ for the ones from Colonel Newsom's.