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private party for 40th birthday

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I'm trying to plan a private party for my very good friend's 40th birthday party. I'd like a place with a private room, my budget is $100 a person. Any suggestions?

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    1. Chez Mimi is quite nice. Great space, very good food and a lovely staff that will work with you to help make the event special.

      1. Upstairs 2 or maybe Cube. Not sure how many people...Cube's private room only holds 12 people, but it's so nice and they make a custom menu for you and you can BYOB w/ no corkage fee!!

        1. Enoteca Drago has a wine room that holds 20 comfortably

          1. OPUS is another option. they have a private room that can hold a little under 15 if it is a smaller group. their dining room is just as good though. great ambiance.

            1. I'll recommend the upstairs private area of Michael's in Santa Monica. I held a birthday dinner there a few years back, and the chef even came up to show off the white truffle he scored that morning! Total white linen decor and service. I think there was maybe 16 of us, wine, apps, entrees (including the table-side shaved white truffle on my risotto), tax and tip, the bill coming out to a shade over 4 digits.