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Dec 12, 2007 09:31 PM

4 nights, 4 great dinners in NOLA


I have 4 nights in NOLA and am looking for the 4 best restaurants -- any cuisine at any price. I've visited NOLA five or six times in the past 10 years but only once since Katrina, when many restaurants were still closed. Here's my list so far:

1. Herbsaint
2. Bayona
3. Stella

I've been to Herbsaint and Bayona, and liked both. I thought Herbsaint was better, with more refined presentations and flavor combinations. Haven't been to Stella. Is it worth it? The final choice is wide open.

Many thanks!

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  1. Stella! is without a doubt worth it. You will love it.

    As for the wildcard, I would suggest MiLa, which is recently opened and superb. for a menu.

    Another idea is Iris, which is also fantastic.

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    1. I would also highly recommend Brigtsens. Cannot comment on Mila, btu it has gotten rave reviews. Perhpas lunch at Herbsaint (which I think they do better) and dinner at Mila/Brigtsens?

      And Stella is subliminally delicious. The type of meal you will talk about for a long, long time.

      1. Eat serves great comfort food and I've been pleased with Vincent's for Italian. But, considering the way you phrased it, I would go with August. Or, if you're feeling froggy and really want a local experience, go get a fried hamburger at Tucker's!!!

        1. I was in NOLA in October for about the same number of nights as you. I ate at Cuvee one night and had a great experience. They had a 6 course meal with wine pairings. It was very innovative and delicious. I also went to Commander's Palace. I know it's Old Nola, but the food was really good and fun for a taste of tradition. (If you go, get the three-soup appetizer that gives you a taste of the signature turtle stew and two others)

          1. Change "Wild Card" to "Brigtsen's" and you're set.

            Fantastic food, atmosphere, everything. Chef Frank worked with Paul Prudhomme at K-Paul's.

            Surf around CH and you'll read the raves.

            Happy chowing