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Dec 12, 2007 08:01 PM

Cooking classes in Baltimore?

I am looking for classes for my husband and me; something pretty basic to start with, fun, and in the city. A Cook's Table sounded perfect, but it closed.
I would like to give this as a Christmas present, so I hope someone can help!!

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  1. hi surie - while going to Tersiguel's Web site the other day to paste the link in response to another post, I noticed that the restaurant is offering "A Day in the Life of a Chef." It's an entire day spent shopping for produce, cooking in the kitchen, etc. with the Chef that ends with a tasting menu for two. It sounds very intriguing. Although perhaps not exactly what you're looking for regarding cooking classes, it could be an alternative. I recall other restaurants offering something similar. If I find any, I'll post.

    Here's the link:

    1. Per my last response, the chef at Elkridge Furnace Inn offers adult cooking classes, as well. Geez...I keep posting about the same restaurants. Nonetheless, here's the link:

      Also, Cook with Ben - chef from The Wharfside Restaurant.

      Sotto Sopra will have a class on January 13: only $60 per person

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        SGI-- thank you so much!! They are all interesting ideas. I didn't realize there are so many classes going on!
        Sotta Sopra fits my criteria of being right in the city, and would be a fun setting. I had hoped to do a class while our 2 kids are home after Christmas, and then do more with my husband and friends.

        I will look into cooking with Ben, in the hopes that he might do something at the Wharfside. The day with the chef at Tersiguel's sounds fabulous!! I don't know the Elkridge Furnace Inn, but it doesn't sound too far away, and it looks lovely.

        Thank you again for your thoughtful responses.

      2. The chef from A Cook's Table does classes out of her home now.

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          Williams Sonoma has a list of cooking classes they do. Two are for kids at $35, the others for adults at $45 per person. I guess look on their website, or go in and get the list. Nothing too exotic, but doesn't sound boring either.

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            charmedgirl and crowsonguy-- thank you both for your help.
            I wish I had gotten to the Cook's Table before they closed! I was hoping to find something in town. I haven't checked the WS website yet, but I will.

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