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Dec 12, 2007 07:36 PM

Green Street Grill

hi all

i'm going to Green Street for the first time this weekend. I know the cocktails have a much better reputation than the food but are there any more recent reports? Things I should make sure to try? Should I make a dinner out of apps and snacks or go for an entree? Thanks in advance.

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  1. A couple of us really like their corn chowder w/ fried clams on top. If chicken livers are on the menu, they're great too.

    1. I'm not answering your question at all, but I would recommend that you ask to see the "big" cocktail list. The normal bar list is great, but they have an expanded list with 100+ cocktails, including gems like the peanut malt flip (scotch, peanut butter, egg yolk, cream).

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        Ooh, thanks for the tip! I've been to Green Street a few times and haven't been crazy about the small cocktail list. They're fine, but I haven't found anything I was really crazy about... Maybe I'll have better luck with the big list.

      2. The food actually isn't bad for what it is and the price is fair. Unless I'm super hungry I'll typically order one of the small apps and a normal app for one meal. If it's cold make sure you get one of the hot drinks they make, very yummy.

        The corn chowder is wicked good.

        1. Another vote for that chowder. I think the cured bluefish appetizer is unusual and very good, kind of a Yankee version of lox, and the baked beans and brown bread are very fine, besides being hard to find outside of tourist joints.

          Stellar bartending deserves yet another acknowledgment here. I had a wonderful Stone Fence not too long ago: sweet cider, good rye, some bitters, maybe lemon? The kind of bar where you ought to have a conversation with whoever's on the stick and let them pour you something you haven't tried before.

          1. I've been once and it was pretty damn good. It was probably about a year ago so not much to remember. I had the steak frites which was excellent, I don't remember what my gf had, but I remember she enjoyed it. I think it was some sort of duck dish. We both had beer so I cannot comment on drinks.

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              I actually think the beer is underrated there. They have some fun bottles. It's a shame that Misty is so good with the cocktails that I forget that she (and Dylan and Tony) have a good taste for beer as well.