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Dec 12, 2007 07:35 PM

Vancouver for NYE

Hey board ... my GF and I are traveling to Vancouver for the first time ever from the States and were wondering what kind of events happen for NYE. We have a rez at Fuel (Vij's was closed and Chambar was not taking online reservations), but are pretty clueless about what to do afterwards. We plan on spending a couple of hours at Fuel, then on to any bars or street parties, whatever afterwards. We are both in our mid-late 20s and like to drink wine/cocktails/beer, etc. We can hang with the best of them, but probably not into the thump-thump-thump clubs. Oh and NYE is my GF's b-day too, so even more pressure on me. ;)


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  1. There aren't any real street parties in Vancouver on NYE. Locals tend to go to house parties which can reach legendary proportions. Most special events are in the form of thump-thump-thump clubs or overpriced champagne dinners at restaurants. You may want to look into what's going on at Republic, Sanafir, Bar None, or another such lounge downtown.

    For a listing of events, I'd check the Georgia Straight A list of events are also published here:

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      Thanks for the response. Ok, so is there an entertainment district that we could walk up and down and pop into various bars/lounges? Which district has the most concentrated area of bars?

      We're staying at the Moda Hotel on Seymour St.

      Thanks again for replies!

      1. re: PhxAus

        It looks like your hotel is pretty close to where the highest density of clubs and lounges are downtown so you could probably walk around and check out a few places. Only caveat is that a lot of places may have pre-sold tickets for NYE and not let in as many walk-ins. Florentine's suggestions of checking those 2 websites sounds good.

    2. If you want a cool lounge scene, you are best to check out the bars in Yaletown - goldfish, rodneys, george will all be packed - but aren't crazy loud clubs. Opus hotel is also fun but there is a private party happening there that night, you could look into tickets.