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Dec 12, 2007 06:46 PM

Local crabs in the peninsula?

I went to Marina market yesterday and saw a tank full of crabs ($3.99). I asked the guys if they were local and they said they were Washington crabs. Where in the area can I get local live crabs? I didn't check out ranch 99 in FC yet. Anyone know?

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  1. I'd go with R99 first. But the guys behind the tanks may not know or say exactly what the provenance of the crab is. If you absolutely must have the local gems, there's Cook's in Menlo Park. You'll pay dearly, but it'll be good. I've been calling the Pillar Point sales line every day for a week now. Most days, there's either nobody selling off the boats or one boat. (I don't want to risk burning a half-tank of gas to get there after that one boat has sold out.) As of today (Wednesday) they had zero off-the-boat sales. My gut feeling is that crab is coming into Pillar Point, but the wholesalers are paying a square price and taking the whole of it. If I were a fisherman coming in I know I'd rather dump the whole tank in one fell swoop and go get some sleep rather than hang out on the boat all day waiting for tourists to come and buy one or two.

    Good luck. If I can't get a decent field trip with my kid to Pillar Point tomorrow or the next day I'm going to just give up and go to R99 -- wherever the hell the stuff comes from. It's been a LONG wait since the season opener, the spill, etc .... Too long.

    Sushi Monster

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      I went to R99 FC today. They said the crabs were from Washington. I feel ya about driving out to Pillar Pt. Maybe the fish market in San Bruno on El Camino near Millbrae? Are they still around?

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        They are still around. Peninsula/All Shores Seafood. I bought a couple of nice crabs last week, although they were scab crabs (Monterey). They have a large live tank, and a crab cooker in front of the store.

    2. Try Crystal Springs Fish and Poultry. Greg, the owner, gets his crabs locally whenever they are in season. We've been buying from him for a couple of years, ever since we realized that his crabs were usually better than the ones we got from Ranch 99. You will have to call ahead to see if he can hold them for you live when they come in.

      Crystal Springs Fish & Poultry
      116 De Anza Blvd, San Mateo, CA 94402

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        Ah ha! I forgot about them. I will give them a call. Thanks pilinut!

      2. if you're bored, maybe drive 92 over to the hmb and stop at that fish market there.