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Dec 12, 2007 06:25 PM

Entirely unsweetened hot chocolate - made with chocolate not cocoa

So, my boyfriend is looking for a new way to make unsweetened hot chocolate. Ideally he'd like to use ground or fine powder-like chocolate, but specifically chocolate (without the cocoa butter removed) rather than cocoa powder. Also, he'd like something unsweetened, which rules out grating a standard or even fancy bar of chocolate into a cup with some milk/cream/etc.

Any ideas? Know of a source for excellent quality unsweetened chocolate, either in a bar to grate or already grated/ground? Anyone made hot chocolate this way in the past?

I've done an unsweetened one with cocoa powder already: cocoa, milk, vanilla, almond extract, cinnamon, a dash of cayenne, and a dollop of cream.

Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Some major groceries in my area (and many ethnic groceries) sell chocolate portioned into serving size and specifically made for hot-chocolate in the latino style - I can't say about the sugar content, but you could check.

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      Ibarra and Abuelita brands (in the yellow hexagonal (?) boxes) are both sweetened and flavored with cinnamon and I think also almonds.

    2. Hey Seattledebs,

      The new line of baking chocolate from Nestle' called Chocolatier has an unsweetened baking chocolate. I've also had Lindt's 90% dark chocolate, contains sugar, LOL not that you would notice! I love dark chocolate, but that was alittle too intense to eat straight, but might work in hot chocolate.


      1. Trade Joes recently started to sell a Belgian unsweetened chocolate.

        I think Scharffen-Berger makes an unsweetened one, which any of the fancier groceries should carry - in the Seattle area Whole Foods and Central come to mind. I've also seen at Central some Spanish bars intended specifically for melting in a drink (near the bulk foods in the Shoreline store).

        Mexican chocolate probably is too sweet for your purposes. If you can accept some sugar, there are lots of quality 70+% chocolates out there.


        1. There are several chocolate makers that are making very high % chocolate bars.

          Scharffen-Berger makes a 99% cacao bar
          Pralus makes a 100% cacao bar
          Dagoba makes a 100% bar
          Guittard makes a 91% bar
          Michel Cruziel makes a 99% bar

          In my neck of the woods Scharffen-berger is the easiest to find. While it still has a bit of sugar, 99% cacao is a very dark chocolate.

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            Scharffenberger does not add sugar to their 99% bar. From their website:

            "Q: What do the percentages (62%, 70%, 82%, 99%) mean?

            A: The percentages indicate by weight the amount of ingredients derived from the cacao bean that is in the chocolate. The remaining percentage is sugar and a small amount of vanilla and soy lecithin. For example, our 70% cacao bittersweet has more cacao and less sugar than our 62% cacao semisweet chocolate. The semisweet is thus a bit sweeter than the bittersweet. Our 99% cacao unsweetened adds no sugar at all."


            Do you have a recipe and if so, will you share it with us?

            It is very good chocolate and I highly recommend it. Also, for this purpose I would recommend the 82% bar as its a little more palatable than the completely unsweetened one, but is not really detectably sweet.

            Sounds great... I may have to make hot chocolate tonight!

            1. re: chemchef

              I actually the hot chocolate recipe on Scharffen-Berger's website, it is the best recipe I've tried. It calls for 70%, but just use what ever chocolate you want. I've had good luck with several different chocolates. It makes enough for about 4 big cups of coco, but you can scale it back.


              1. re: BrandonPHX

                Sorry. I actually wanted the recipe from the OP that calls for unsweetened chocolate.

          2. These are all very helpful, thanks! I'll see if I can find him some really nice chocolate from these suggestions.