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Dec 12, 2007 06:18 PM

Where to eat at Chelsea Market?

I'm meeting a friend at Chelsea Market on Saturday afternoon, what''s your favorite place to eat there?

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  1. I dearly love the Green Table, a teeny little greenmarket concept place with simple foods made with really high quality ingredients, a good (if small) wine list, and tasty cocktails.

    That's if I had to name a single place, though. The really great thing about Chelsea Market is really the option of browsing for each course in a different place. The italian market there has good gelato. Fat Witch has delectable brownies (get them fresh out of the oven).

    1. Green Table is definitely my number one choice. Their soups are always really good. Their grilled cheese is a monster of a sandwich, and their pot pies are really good.

      There is also Ronnybrook Creamery, you can sit at the milk bar where they have a menu of lunch and breakfast type items, their baked potato soup is really good.

      Green Table is what your looking for, if you're looking for someplace quit and relaxing.

      1. My tastes are a little more downmarket. I think that all that Chelsea Thai lacks in decor or ambience, it makes up for in big, punchy flavors. It is absolutely the most flavorful and robust Thai food I've had in the city. And they certainly play it loose with the chilies when you ask for things spicy. Freshly shucked oysters next door and spicy laab na make for one of my favorite lunches.

        As for gelato --- I think the stand in back by the kitchenware store has better flavors.

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          Wow, I've had pretty poor luck with Chelsea Thai. In my experience, it's always been rather dreadful, but I've only had the noodle dishes there. I trust your tastebuds. What would you recommend?

          1. re: cimui

            I've only had the pad thai once and remember thinking it was okay or perhaps too "authentic" for my pedestrian palate. I normally get the yum nuar or red curry. Both are among my favorites, but when I decided to go on Saturday (post-induced hunger), I found it wasn't as good as I remembered. Not dreadful, but the flavors didn't pop the same way they used to. It's still among the better restaurants I've been to for Thai, but I wonder if the quality has taken a slide or it was just an off day for us both.

            1. re: JungMann

              We had the pad thai and another dish recently and it was fine, albeit in a cafeteria setting with no ambience. We were there more to shop than eat.

              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                i am a regular of CHELSEA THAI. yes its the best thai in the area. good sit down, to go and delivery.

                dont get excited tho. that said, its bland and not memorable in any way. there are no standouts.

                ps - yes the yum nuar is inconsistant. doesnt stop me from ordering it a lot tho!

                as a cookie monster, my fav chelsea market treat is the addictive big, fat and fresh chocolate drop or cinanmon swirl chinese cookies under the glass counter at RUTHIES CHEESECAKE.

                the new coffee stand there aint bad either. they are still in full 'ernest & trying to please' mode so now is a good time to try them.

        2. Amy's bread has good sandwiches and desserts.
          Lobster Place for sushi, clam chowder, and other seafood items
          Chelsea Thai is good.
          I haven't been to the Green Table.

          1. My suggestion is to go to the Lobster Place, pick out two lobsters, which the clerk will steam for you, take the lobs to a table outside the store where people will stare at you enviously as they walk by.