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ISO Garam Masala

I want to try a recipe that calls for this Indian spice mix. Is there anywhere in the Annex or near the Eaton Centre that anyone can recommend where I might be able to find it, or do I have to go to Little India?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. You can find Garam Masala in any Rabba in the city.

    1. Tutti Frutti in Kensington has it. So does several spice/bulk places in St Lawrence.

      1. If you get near Cabbagetown, the Bengali place at Parliament and gerrard has it. Less certain, but I think that I've seen it at Ambal (Parliament south of Wellesley), as well.

        1. Thanks everyone! Your suggestions were really helpful! I think I'm going to either Kensington or St. Lawrence this weekend so I'll try get some there.

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            I too go to Kensington for it, check out House of Spice, great shop....

          2. I had lunch a few weeks ago at Spices Cafe on Temperance St. I got talking to the chef/owner about Garam Masala because I am always looking for a good one, (my fav so far is Vij's). He offered to make one for me, saying it would take a day's notice. I really like the flavours he produces and my guess is that he would make an awesome one. I mean to take him up on his offer. Might not work for you timewise.

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              That's an interesting option. Thanks l_izzie. I'll have to try out Spices!

            2. Gosh I think they even sell this at Loblaw's nowadays, or just about any bulk food store (e.g. Bulk Barn, Bulk City etc.).... in any event it's just a mixture of standard spices (e.g. cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, coriander, pepper, cloves, nutmeg) in any proportion which strikes your fancy. Most serious Indian cooks have their own version, and there is no standard commercial formula (i.e. just about every brand will be diferent). When I buy it, I sometimes spike teh commerical versions with extra cinnamon or cloves, depending on the dish.

              1. The Spice Trader on Queen makes a nice version. I've also seen some DIY versions in the high end shops which have the whole spices which you would roast, then grind. Always better to roast your own than buy the store bought, as (apart from Spice Trader), you don't know how fresh the little jars might be.

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                  Thanks bluedog and Snarf - I'm really a beginner so this is all really useful. Will keep your suggestions in mind.

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                    Hey, Yum.... I hav a couple of DIY recipes. Do you want me to post them in Home Cooking?

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                      Hi hungry_pangolin - I don't know how I missed this generous offer of yours, but it would be fantastic if you could post these recipes when you have a moment. Thanks!