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Dec 12, 2007 06:16 PM

ISO Garam Masala

I want to try a recipe that calls for this Indian spice mix. Is there anywhere in the Annex or near the Eaton Centre that anyone can recommend where I might be able to find it, or do I have to go to Little India?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. You can find Garam Masala in any Rabba in the city.

    1. Tutti Frutti in Kensington has it. So does several spice/bulk places in St Lawrence.

      1. If you get near Cabbagetown, the Bengali place at Parliament and gerrard has it. Less certain, but I think that I've seen it at Ambal (Parliament south of Wellesley), as well.

        1. Thanks everyone! Your suggestions were really helpful! I think I'm going to either Kensington or St. Lawrence this weekend so I'll try get some there.

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            I too go to Kensington for it, check out House of Spice, great shop....

          2. I had lunch a few weeks ago at Spices Cafe on Temperance St. I got talking to the chef/owner about Garam Masala because I am always looking for a good one, (my fav so far is Vij's). He offered to make one for me, saying it would take a day's notice. I really like the flavours he produces and my guess is that he would make an awesome one. I mean to take him up on his offer. Might not work for you timewise.

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              That's an interesting option. Thanks l_izzie. I'll have to try out Spices!