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Dec 12, 2007 05:43 PM

Costco/Carnegie Pastrami-Going Downhill?

It has been several months since I last bought some, and I was really looking forward to it. I was really disappointed. While the meat was still nice and lean (I know, many prefer fattier), and had a good color and texture, it just didn't have much flavor. Is it just me? Was I expecting too much, or has the quality gone downhill since they first brought this product out. Maybe I just got a not so great batch.

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  1. Jfood feels your pain. had the same thing happen a few weeks ago

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      Interesting... i did a search of "costco pastrami" your posting didn't come up...oh well. Mine was not a sandwich from the fast food counter, we only have hot dogs and pizza here (ok ,and churros and coffee things). This was the one in the package in the deli section. Good Pastrami almost can't be found on Oahu so this was a real let down.

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        If Jfood can get around the appearance of the stores and or the neighborhoods.......Cooper's Liquor & Deli in Newark make excellent Pastrami Sandwiches. There are two locations....Orange Ave @ Grove and West Market & Orange Street.

        The Pastrami, Corned beef and Brisket is steamed all day long like at Katz's.........all the provisions are from Best's Quality Provisions. You'll find some references to the sandwiches on Google or Yahoo.

      2. No it's not just you, I've had better pastrami from Smart and Final.

        1. nope, not you. The package advertises a "new leaner pastrami" and that is all the difference.