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Sausage in Toronto

I love supermarket sausage, but have decided to cut myself off the fat, filler, and preservatives. Where do you other sausage enthusiasts go for the healthier but just as tasty links?

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  1. Not positive about healthier, but certainly a step above supermarket --- El Gaucho at the North Market.

    1. HDL is HDL, filler, additives, casings notwithstanding. Though not axiomatic, low fat usually = no taste.When I splurge, I usually go for Brandt Meats wurst direct from the factory store in Mississauga.

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        I forget the name of the place, but there is a German-style deli on the east side of Leslie, just north of York Mills, that has a great selection of European style sausages.

        I have been off most supermarket sausage ever since I saw that Schneider was sneaking ground chicken into their formerly estimable Oktoberfest sausage.

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          If you're referring to Leslie Meats and Deli, it's closed. Windows papered, for lease sign up.

      2. my all time fav sausages are from Reithers (west side of Church, south of Wellesley). I don't know that they're healthier though, as they're so juicy they might be fattier. I sure ain't askin' as they're too tasty to think about what's in em.

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          Try whole foods. They have a wide variety of flavoured sausages, different organic meats and seasonings.....I am sure they will have what you are looking for.

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            Second that. I got a few lean ground turkey sausages at Whole Foods.

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              Second that also. Just tried their pork, breakfast sausage. Delicious. I think I will use these sausages for Christmas stuffing.

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              I second the sausages from Reithers! They are juicier but don't seem to be so oily/salty compared to some supermarket sausages. I will never go back to eating supermarket sausages now after trying the ones at Reithers.

              Here's a recent thread on sausages that may have places which sell healthier sausages: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/444855

            3. I make my own at home a lot. I do a garlic breakfast sausage, a Jimmy Dean style and an Italian all made with ground turkey. I've also fooled around with chorizo and andouille. I've even mae boudin. Also I've just taken some seasonings and added them to the meat for a different tasting sausage. The trick is to add some water (Or olive oil) since ground turkey can be a bit dense.
              You could use ground pork just as easily.
              Just make patties of you don't have a sausage stuffer.


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                Check out Fresh from the Farm. They are mennonite and the sausage is fantastic.

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                  Hi Milly,

                  Do you happen to know were I could buy these (downtown, or TTC-friendly)?


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                    Hi chloe103, Fresh from the Farm is a mennonite owned grocery store on Donlands, near Mortimer. It is pretty easy to get to, just a short bus ride from Donlands station. Better check their hours though, they are kind of sketchy.

              2. Superior Sausage on Dundas just east of Crawford makes a farmer sausage that is amazing, great flavour and so nice an meaty no mystery bits...

                1. Summerhill Market has a variety of tasty additive-free sausages freshly made on the premises by an expert German sausage-maker on staff. I like the spicy Italian.

                  Summerhill Market
                  446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

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                    Hey, whadda minute...that's supposed to be my line :)

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                      Well, with you sleeping at the switch... btw, I'm not kidding about the preservative-free part. You have to eat or freeze these suckers right away or they go off quickly.

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                        On the topic of sausages, does anyone know where I can find veal and spinach sausages downtown? Preferably somewhere in the annex or kensington, please. Thanks!

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                          I'm sure I've seen those at Healthy Butcher on Queen. They have a good selection of house-made sasuages.

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                            Thank you! I'll make a trek over there soon. Yum.

                  2. Segovia in Kensington! So good, so big, and (comparatively speaking) a pretty good value. They are all different types of chorizo but you can get a fair variety (with different flavors and heat, etc.)

                    1. the Healthy Butcher on Queen West is your best bet for healthy and delicious sausages... they make a gazillion varieties from scratch with their organic meats. I went to one of their sausage classes as well which was a lot of fun.

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                          Next class in February ...

                          The Healthy Butcher
                          565 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

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                            Cool. Probably have to wait until spring. Wednesday is not a good night until then.


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                              Thanks JamieK, just knocked one gift off my Xmas list. Hopefully she will take me along.

                        2. Thanks for the responses. I had seen the sausage link (my bad) about St Lawrence market previously but I would imagine a lot of the product is not that different from the mass produced product in terms of fat and nitrates. I will definitely stop into Fresh from the Farm and check out what they have at the Big Carrot, which are close to me.