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Dec 12, 2007 05:34 PM

Surprisingly good dinner in New Rochelle...

Just came back from a surprisingly good holiday dinner at Mamma Francesca Italian Restaurant in New Rochelle...I had heard that a locally popular chef-consultant has been tweaking the kitchen here but I did not realize how the food had progressed. The daily blackboard was loaded: We shared a wonderful seasonal version of Fried Baccala with just plain lemon and fresh salad; followed it with tender Osso Buco over rice. In the past if you stayed simple you would be fine here but extra flavor and finesse seemed to be present now. Anyway, one of my longstanding favorite specialties at this restaurant has always been Rabbit Cacciatore in a delectable red gravy, great for lapping up with the house made brick oven bread. Something good seems to be happening...

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  1. good to hear!..........i know they've been going down hill for some time now........but it's good that they are finally maybe on the up and up.......

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      I just mentioned them in a red sauce thread. Yes, they are dependable.

      Good to hear that they've even improved.