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Dec 12, 2007 05:28 PM

Philly Business Dinner w/Sikh diner

Hi! My husband is planning a philadelphia business dinner meeting for 10-12 people total and are going to take an out of state prospective business associate out who is of the sikh faith. This dinner is to take place on December 22nd (which is a Saturday night) . The first time they went out to a local South Jersey Italian establishment, however this time the dining experience should be a place dine to impress and also be suitable for all kinds of likes/dislikes for such a big group. The restaurant should also be suitable enough to discuss business without shouting (perhaps a private dining area or have a quieter dining section . BTW, the restaurant does not have to be strictly vegan. One person suggested Oceanaire or Buddhakan, but the noise level I feel might be too loud to have a conversation. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would absolutely say Buddakan is not good for a business meal. I had one there with 4 of us during the week and none of us could hear each other. I could barely hear the person speaking next to me. We took these clients out specifically to find out about a particular project they were involved with, but my associate and I could not hear a thing. Complete waste of time.
    How about Panorama; sitting in the bar area? They do have vegetarian options; and the food is good. I am sure others on here will provide many other excellent suggestions, as well.

    1. I don't understand the specification of the diner being Sikh... Not all Sikh's are vegetarian or have food preferences. Your husband should find out the specifics before choosing a restaurant.

      1. I think you should be looking for a restaurant that can give you a small private dining room. Barclay Prime and Susanna Foo both have private spaces. Another place to consider is the Moshulu. The food is very good and they have a private space that might work for you if it is available. Also, Devon is good for business dinners.

        1. Lacroix has a small private room that will fit 10-12 people. Food and service will most likely impress.

          1. Lacroix is the best suggestion. I had forgotten about it.

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              Love the Lacroix suggestion - except they cannot accomodate us on that date, however made the Moshulu reservation. But not in love with this one compared to Lacroix. Any other ideas? Thanks again!

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                I agree Lacroix would have been first choice, but I planned a corporate event there and the food was very, very good. There is a small private dining room that I would book if available. See if they can put you in that room. I seem to remember it held a max of about 20.