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Dec 12, 2007 05:24 PM

Seeking Christmas Day Brunch/Late Lunch Options in Sac

Looking for brunch options on Christmas Day along Hi-way 50 towards Placerville or Midtown/Downtown. MIL is a non adventurious eater so sadly, Dim Sum, Sushi, Pho etc. is out. Open Table yielded nothing. Thanks

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  1. Hi...I would suggest looking in the Bee's Ticket on Fri. or Sun. for suggestions of what will be open. I know that most of all of the major restaurants and/or hotels probably will be. I can't think off hand of any good restaurants off of 50 that might be open, but for downtown/midtown, have you thought about Spataro's, Bistro 33, Chanterelle?

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      The Embassy Suites has a restaurant that is having brunch on Christmas Day. Got that one right out of the Bee today.

      I called some of the others, the Hyatt, Cliff House in Folsom and nope....

      Also maybe Brookfields mght be opne at Sunrise? they are pretty darn good for coffee shop/casual diner type grub

    2. Thanks for the suggestions. Since I no longer get the Bee in print form I always forget about the ads, I appreciate the tip. I checked out the online version, while Zinfandel Grille and Tower Bridge Bistro are more DH's and my style I think Brookfield's may be a good bet w/ MIL or even the Delta King.

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        I would call Brookfields though. Not sure they are open....

      2. Ended up at Buggy Whip for prime rib. While not in the same league as Chops or McCormick and Schmidt it has an appeal that DH and I find hard to explain to our other fortysomething friends. Part of its charm for us is that it is such a cherished institution in our Arden area neighborhood. Overall, we had an enjoyable experience. The beef was good even though it was a little underseasoned. In the big picture it was not a huge problem as MIL has a bland palate--in fact she thought it was perfect and of course the leftovers will make great sandwiches anyway. The service was exceptional which really impressed me because they were swamped and the crowd (around us) was raucous and demanding. We also discovered that they have a $10 corkage fee, a nice thing to keep in mind for their Thursday Night Prime Rib Special.

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          Wow they were open? I have been many times and oldsters love the place. For years it was my parents favorite restaurant in Sacramento and the place that Larry LaSuer used to own was a sweet memory from my early years. in fact, my Dad still makes the Roquefort dressing that they used to have thenatLaSuer's, I think was the name.