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Visiting Boston The Next Few Weeks

Hi Chowhounds. I'll be coming up to Boston for work for the next several weeks, spending Sunday - Wednesday nights at the Hotel Nine Zero on Tremont. I'm looking for some modestly-priced dinner recommendations (sadly, I don't have a big expense account). Pizza and Italian are top of my list, but other types of places are welcomed, though I'm not big on seafood. I won't have a car, so I'll need places I can get to via the T. Thanks in advance for the tips!

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  1. The North End which is Boston's version of "little Italy" is fairly close to the Nine Zero hotel. There are many, many threads on this area - I would suggest just searching for recommendations there.

    A couple other of my favorites in the modestly priced category are:
    Trattoria Toscana - in the Fenway near the corner of Jersey and Queensbury - a short walk from the Fenway T-stop on the D Green Line. It is small and delicious.
    Audobon Circle - near the Saint Mary's Street stop on the C Green Line - above average bar food overall and a really good homemade bean burger.

    The Green line runs from the Park Street T-stop right near the Nine Zero hotel.

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      Thanks, Laura. I appreciate you taking the time to give me some tips.

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        A particularly good survey (not always agreed with but impressive and comprehensive) is at http://www.chowhound.com/topics/448599

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          i second the suggestion of TRATTORIA TOSCANA. good italian food. good prices

        2. In the North End (an easy walk from your hotel), you may want to try Pizzeria Regina for a pie.

          1. Silvertone is around the corner from your hotel, nice comfort food, fun bar type place. Paramount on Charles St. is reasonable. Grotto on Bowdoin St. is a 10 min walk away, great northern Italian.

            1. I would definantly recommend Pizzeria Regina in the North End if you're looking for some delic pizza. Also in the North End I would recommend Hot Tomatoes on North Street (off the beaten path of mainstream streets) its a little cafe with the best sandwiches, I highly recommend this place! If you want to stick around Beacon Hill and your hotel then head to Grotto they have a prefixe menu for I believe $35.00 per person with some great selections it.

              1. A few of my personal favorites either within walking distance or near a T stop are:

                1) Pizzeria Regina, North End--many people consider this old-school joint to have the best pizza in Boston
                2) Cafe Polonia, South Boston (Andrew Square T stop)--outstanding Polish cuisine at a low-key place with nice atmosphere.
                3) Pagliuca, North End--excellent Southern Italian cooking at this little-known restaurant just off Hanover Street (the main drag).
                4) Angela's Cafe, East Boston (Airport T Stop)--a friendly little dining spot that I put in my top 3 for Mexican restaurants in the Boston area (the other two aren't convenient to the T).
                5) 75 Chestnut, Beacon Hill--formerly a high-end New American restaurant, they have downscaled the menu a bit, but the atmosphere is still cozy and charming, and the burgers and steak tips are both outstanding.

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                  Off topic, but please don't leave us hanging, what are the other two Mexican restaurants?

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                    Bet you it's Mexico Lindo, El Serape, and/or Mexico (Providence).

                    How'd I do, Marc?

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                      I'd say it's Cafe Azteca(Lawrence) and Mexico(Prov.)

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                        I'm guessing TaQueria la Mexicana and El Pelon. But I'm projecting.

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                        Congratulations to Bob, Infomaniac, and almansa. As a certain Boston elected official might say, my top 2 favorite restaurants other than Angela's are Mexico, Cafe Azteca, and Taqueria La Mexicana. :-b

                    2. Man, guys. I think I have places to try every night for the six weeks I'm in town. I'll report back as I eat my way through town.

                      1. I second the Audoban Circle recommendation --the best burger of all, IMHO. Just don't go late at night because it's packed with BU students and the weird music is deafening. Lunch and dinnertime are the best. Unless the Red Sox are playing across the street, that is.

                        1. You can't miss Prezza in the North End. Fellow chowhounds directed me there when I was in Boston a few weeks back. It was amazing! The menu is diverse, with something for everyone, whether you are seeking pasta, seafood, beef or chicken. I finally settled on the Risotto with wild mushrooms, fontina and Parmesan ($15). It was - in a word - extraordinary. Earthy and rich, the mushroom medley, shiitake, portabella and porcini, took center stage in this dish.

                          My husband started with an appetizer size portion of the Oversized Ravioli, stuffed with egg yolk and ricotta, and served with with shaved black truffles ($10 ea). The Ravioli, set upon the runny yolk, created a perfectly flavorful pillow upon which thickly sliced black truffles (comparatively speaking to most shaved truffles) rested.

                          Next we tried the Fried Asparagus, topped with truffle aioli and served with a side salad of arugula, roasted red peppers and balsamic vinaigrette ($10). The asparagus was served al dente, battered and fried. The batter, while thin, tasted "heavy", likely because the oil in which it was fried needed to be changed. The salad was a refreshing contrast to the fried vegetables, the sweet taste of high quality balsamic complimenting the sharp arugula and sweet peppers.

                          The Mushroom Soup is cooked to order and consists of braised white beans, roasted tomato, mushroom slices and rosemary, topped with slices of grilled bread, spread with olive oil and garlic ($14). The soup was enhanced when pieces of the charred bread was scooped up in the spoon with the broth.

                          For our entrees, my husband and I both ordered the Pumpkin Ravioli with lobster, brown butter, sage and mascarpone. The ravioli was stuffed with mascarpone and topped with diced pumpkin and chunks of lobster claw. The sauce of brown butter and sage was abundant on the plate and paired well with both the pumpkin and lobster. We used the bread to sop up every last bit of the heavenly richness.

                          Have fun in Boston!


                          1. Thanks all. Slowly working my way down the list. So far, I've been to...
                            The Paramount
                            Sam Lagrassa's
                            Locke Ober (work dinner)
                            Thai Basil

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                              Any feedback? Add to the database! Don't miss Angela's, and nobody listed Cafe Polonia (Andrew T stop), which would be great in this weather. Also if you're feeling adventurous, Floating Rock for Cambodian (Blue Line) (they stop serving around 7 or 7:30).

                              Floating Rock
                              485 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

                              Cafe Polonia
                              611 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02127

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                                I had an excellent, stew-like pasta bolognese at The Paramount my first night in town. It featured braised pork and beef, along with a delicious ragu. It was after the second big snow in December and was the perfect meal for a frigid evening.

                                Lucca was an expense account meal. Had an eclectic antipasto plate, followed by an incredibly rich baked pasta dish. It was orecchiette pasta baked with fontina cheese, sweet Italian sausage, broccoli rabe and roasted San Marzano tomatoes. The meal was finished off with a molten chocolate cake. Simply divine!

                                Other meals of note:
                                The cuban sandwich at Sam Lagrassa's...they used carved meat, not processed deli meat.

                                The molten chocolate cake at Finale...gooey, warming comfort on a single-digit January night.

                            2. Pagliuca's on Parmenter St. in the North End and then head over to the new Liberty Hotel (former converted jail) for drinks in a lovely candle-lit lobby. Welcome to Boston. Have fun.