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Dec 12, 2007 05:17 PM

Visiting Boston The Next Few Weeks

Hi Chowhounds. I'll be coming up to Boston for work for the next several weeks, spending Sunday - Wednesday nights at the Hotel Nine Zero on Tremont. I'm looking for some modestly-priced dinner recommendations (sadly, I don't have a big expense account). Pizza and Italian are top of my list, but other types of places are welcomed, though I'm not big on seafood. I won't have a car, so I'll need places I can get to via the T. Thanks in advance for the tips!

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  1. The North End which is Boston's version of "little Italy" is fairly close to the Nine Zero hotel. There are many, many threads on this area - I would suggest just searching for recommendations there.

    A couple other of my favorites in the modestly priced category are:
    Trattoria Toscana - in the Fenway near the corner of Jersey and Queensbury - a short walk from the Fenway T-stop on the D Green Line. It is small and delicious.
    Audobon Circle - near the Saint Mary's Street stop on the C Green Line - above average bar food overall and a really good homemade bean burger.

    The Green line runs from the Park Street T-stop right near the Nine Zero hotel.

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      Thanks, Laura. I appreciate you taking the time to give me some tips.

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        A particularly good survey (not always agreed with but impressive and comprehensive) is at

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          i second the suggestion of TRATTORIA TOSCANA. good italian food. good prices

        2. In the North End (an easy walk from your hotel), you may want to try Pizzeria Regina for a pie.

          1. Silvertone is around the corner from your hotel, nice comfort food, fun bar type place. Paramount on Charles St. is reasonable. Grotto on Bowdoin St. is a 10 min walk away, great northern Italian.

            1. I would definantly recommend Pizzeria Regina in the North End if you're looking for some delic pizza. Also in the North End I would recommend Hot Tomatoes on North Street (off the beaten path of mainstream streets) its a little cafe with the best sandwiches, I highly recommend this place! If you want to stick around Beacon Hill and your hotel then head to Grotto they have a prefixe menu for I believe $35.00 per person with some great selections it.

              1. A few of my personal favorites either within walking distance or near a T stop are:

                1) Pizzeria Regina, North End--many people consider this old-school joint to have the best pizza in Boston
                2) Cafe Polonia, South Boston (Andrew Square T stop)--outstanding Polish cuisine at a low-key place with nice atmosphere.
                3) Pagliuca, North End--excellent Southern Italian cooking at this little-known restaurant just off Hanover Street (the main drag).
                4) Angela's Cafe, East Boston (Airport T Stop)--a friendly little dining spot that I put in my top 3 for Mexican restaurants in the Boston area (the other two aren't convenient to the T).
                5) 75 Chestnut, Beacon Hill--formerly a high-end New American restaurant, they have downscaled the menu a bit, but the atmosphere is still cozy and charming, and the burgers and steak tips are both outstanding.

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                  Off topic, but please don't leave us hanging, what are the other two Mexican restaurants?

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                    Bet you it's Mexico Lindo, El Serape, and/or Mexico (Providence).

                    How'd I do, Marc?

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                      I'd say it's Cafe Azteca(Lawrence) and Mexico(Prov.)

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                        I'm guessing TaQueria la Mexicana and El Pelon. But I'm projecting.

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                        Congratulations to Bob, Infomaniac, and almansa. As a certain Boston elected official might say, my top 2 favorite restaurants other than Angela's are Mexico, Cafe Azteca, and Taqueria La Mexicana. :-b