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Commercial pickled vegetable brands as good as homemade?

The Dairy Queen Dec 12, 2007 05:04 PM

What makes homemade pickles so much better than what you can buy commercially? And I mean any kind of "pickles"--cucumbers, of course, but also carrots and peppers and cherry tomatoes, etc.

One of these summers, I'm going to take the time to can my own. Until then, I only get what I can beg off my neighbors and family.

Are there any brands of commercial pickles out there that are as good as homemade?


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  1. cayjohan RE: The Dairy Queen Dec 14, 2007 01:48 PM

    I grew up with a pickle-making mom, so nothing *really* lives up. Still my hankering for beet pickles led to trying Aunt Nellie's brand beet pickles (you're in MSP - see Cub or Rainbow veggie aisles), and while though being slightly less vinegar-y and having less clove flavor, the pickles are truly good. I believe the Aunt Nellie's brand has some other pickled veg, but I can't vouch for them. Perhaps I have to branch out from beet-pickle-loving and try some.

    Oh! I know there are posters here who frequent Slavic places - if any are reading, perhaps they could post on pickles? My sense it there would be some fine ones,; I just haven't taken the time to find them yet.

    I'm with you TDQ, on the homemade front, but life without pickles...well...

    1. jeni1002 RE: The Dairy Queen Dec 14, 2007 08:31 PM

      I make my own pickles every year (cukes, sauerkraut, green tomatoes, apples) - so far, I've found one brand that I would recommend, Real Pickles (www.realpickles.com). In my area, Whole Foods carries them and a few other co-ops, not sure if they're available elsewhere. At $4.50/jar, though, I cringe every time one of them ends up in my grocery basket....:)

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        antanukai RE: jeni1002 Dec 14, 2007 09:31 PM

        I'll second the Real Pickles, which are only second to homemade pickles. Also, Bubbies makes some good kosher dill pickles. Bubbies.com

        I've made my own sauerkraut and kimchi on several occasions -- so far nothing commercial compares.

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