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Dec 12, 2007 04:52 PM

Seasons 142 (SD)

There is an interesting review from Naomi Wise about Seasons 142

Did anybody tried the restaurant so far ? I couldn't even find a webpage for the restaurant.

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  1. Wow- I wouldn't have expected such a great review. I haven't eaten there, but have walked by it numerous times on my way to Ortega's. I used to wonder how Brazil's stayed in business because it was always empty, and so far I've noticed the same thing with Seasons 142. I'm not surprised that you couldn't find a website- they still had a flimsy plastic sign hung on top of the old Brazil's sign last time I was there. Now I want to actually stop in and give it a try.

    1. I'm glad it's opened! I've been eyeing it since the banner went up over the Brazil by the Hill awning. I'm usually passing by in the morning after a Peet's run, so couldn't tell if it was open or not. The banner gives the impression that the conversion to the new restaurant was still underway.

      Will try to go soon, although I'm not sure if that's possible with the holiday craziness coming up. I'll post when I do.

      1. Thats interesting, I've walked past it a few times and it just looked like a rather tired restaurant that you might expect to see on a gordon ramsay thing. Just goes to show I shouldnt be judging a book by its cover! It would be good if they made a bit more of an effort with the decor and make it a bit cozier. I'll try it soon as its one of my closest restaurants!

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          We went with friend during their opening promotion (buy one dinner, get another free) and were impressed with some of the food. The server was knowledgeable as well. It is the same investor group as Brazil on the Hill, but different chef and concept. They seem very eager to please

        2. Yes, I have tried this restaurant several times already this month both for lunch and dinner. Great food, very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I am taking 6 people to dinner tonight. The mushroom soup is fantastic. Fresh ingredients daily. Prices are comparable to other restaurants in the area but the taste, presentation and service are more impressive. I love it there.

          1. Haven't tried but here are some 1/2 off coupons for the tapas.