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Snowstorm on Saturday...what to cook?

We're suppose to be getting a bad storm here on Saturday. I'm going to stock up on Friday. Any suggestions on what to cook on a cold winter day when no one will be leaving the house?

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  1. I love stew on cold days(we don't get enough of them in Arizona by the way!). Both smelling it in the house all day and finally sitting down to the hearty warm deliciousness!

    My sister had bought some pumpkin ale for us try at my parents house back in the fall....and I've been using it to make beef stew that my family loves. In the dredging flour I add a little cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice to complement the ale. Toss in some carrots, onions, potatoes and turnips...i've made this three times in the last couple months because they keep asking for it!

    1. How about a turkey or something that will keep the oven going all day. Brisket takes a couple hours. Plenty of leftovers, too.
      Don't forget about baking... not a bad way to pass the time.

      1. I totally agree - a thick hearty soup (or chili, if you and yours are into that) and homemade bread, which is a great project on a day like that. I like Tyler Florence's homemade baguette -- easy, delicious. For soup -- cream of mushroom, creamy pumpkin bisque, maybe the cashew chicken chile I linked below.

        If you feel like it, a cold day is perfect for whipping up a big batch of stock, and the whole house will smell delicious.

        If anyone will be out playing in the snow (or shovelling!) --How about getting stuff to make Mexican hot chocolate in the afternoon, maybe served with lemon squares or blondies or World Peace Cookies?

        Baked baguettes

        World Peace Cookies

        Chicken Cashew Chili (with *chocolate*

        1. I'm a big fan of polenta when it's cold, topped with some kind of thick stew (I usually do an eggplant ragout, but you can do whatever).

          I also like pho-ish soups or roasted veggies with poached eggs on top.

          1. For the last winter storm here I made a garboon of borscht, which was perfect for the day. I'd also consider the Brazilian beef, sausage, and okra stew in this month's Saveur.

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              OMG! Do you really make homemade bread bowls???? If this is true I am a total failure!

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                DaisyM, homemade bread bowls aren't overly hard (not to discredit sea97horse's work in any way) - it's actually fairly easy if you'll settle for a good, instead of amazing, bread. :) Give it a try this very weekend.

                I do a modification of this recipe when I want a quick boule shaped bread for soup:

                Other folks will probably chime in with their favourite recipes, though, especially if you express interest. (Incidentally, the Lahey-Bittman no-knead method also yields a very pretty loaf suitable for making bread bowls.)

            2. Beef stew in homemade bread bowls
              Baked potato soup with garlic bread
              Chili with cornbread
              This close to Christmas as snowy day would be a great day to start your Christmas cookies and candies.

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                My plan is to spend most of the day baking and canning my Christmas gifts. And if I get inspired I'll make split pea soup with lamb sausage for dinner.

              2. My cooking for this weekend (looks like NE-wide bad weather time):
                - bacon chocolate chip cookies
                - bread or egg noodles to go with some sort of chicken soup
                - figure out what the orange squash I bought last month is and what to do with it
                - hot chocolate with some raspberry creme liqueur

                I'll echo the suggestion of a hearty soup/stew for your day in, too. It'll make the house smell lovely. :)

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                  did you really mean "bacon chocolate chip cookies" ?...if not a typo... can you send a description of taste?...

                  me: spinach ricotta pie for post shoveling...

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                    Not a typo. I'm trying out this recipe here (found on the boards):

                    While I've never had these and I think it can't be described anyway, imagine your morning bacon when it's been soaking in maple syrup and add a chocolate twist. It's not too different from that, I would imagine. :)