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Dec 12, 2007 03:58 PM

Meyerhoff in Baltimore

We are going to the Meyerhoff this weekend. I sthere a nice restaurant in walking distance?

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  1. Rumor has it that Abacrombie (across the street) is supposed to reopen sometime around the 18th. Might want to give them a call and see.

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    1. re: onocoffee

      Owl Bar is right there on Chase...Usually where we symphony ticket holders go. Or I think it is around the corner. But for an 8PM Show, they are quick. I think the pizza is good.

      1. re: BaltimoreBoi15

        I'd consider Neo Viccino on Charles Street, two blocks from the Meyerhoff. I wouldn't bother with Robert Oliver Seafood just across the street from the venue (overpriced and mediocre IMHO).

    2. The rumors are true, Abacrombie is in the process of re-opening. I stopped by today to see if my gift cards are still vaild, they said they are hoping to be open on the 19th of Dec. They were painting and putting things in place, hopefully it will be just as great as it was, cross your fingers

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      1. re: youngfoodieguy

        There is Dionysus Restaraunt & Lounge
        8 E Preston St
        Baltimore, MD 21202
        (410) 244-1020

        1. re: bmore_flavor

          how is dionysius--i never see anyone in the upstairs dining room, just what look like regulars at the bar, rarely anyone eating.

          1. re: chowsearch

            Forget Dionysus. We finally got around to trying it this past spring, an early dinner, say 6 PM. We were a table of three on a non-symphony night and the only people in the upstairs dinning room and service was painfully slow. We had a zucchini app that was horrible (imagine zucchini hockey pucks) and pizzas that were _way_ over-cheesed.

            Since then we went to Neo Viccino for a pre-symphony meal and although it was crowded with other symphony-goers we were able to get a table without reservations. I'd call ahead next time. The service was quick and the food is good, not great. Search this board for reviews.

            B in Bolton Hill would be an upgrade from Neo Viccino but it isn't walking distance (_for most people_) to the Meyerhoff.

            1. re: paulyr

              Also -- Brewers Art on Charles is about a half-dozed blocks from the Meyerhoff.